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Sunday , 25 August 2019
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5 lighthouses in the world surrounded by scary legends


Lighthouses have been built in various places to guide the ones in the sea at night. Although as beautiful as the lighthouses look, they can be equally spooky. The lighthouse keepers help the wandering boats to safely board the harbors at night but are left alone in the dark surrounded by the eeriness. Throughout the years there have been many ... Read More »

Some rare cases of HIV being cured


Although, a few years ago AIDS caused due to the HIV virus was a non-curable that mainly affected the immune system of a person’s body, various research and studies show that scientists might have been successful in discovering a cure for the remission of this dreadful disease. The person after taking the required dosage went through a series of tests ... Read More »

Near death experience: How it feels?

death experience afraid fear

An experience of an almost death can be surely intriguing to know which often crosses two different paths –the positive as well as the negative; and both of them have different tales to tell. When you travel the path of positivity you will a detachment from your body that is leading to a path of ultimate serenity and warmth; whereas ... Read More »

The Ranipill: Futuristic Robot pill that injects drug via intestine walls

Futuristic Robot pill

Not all drugs can be transferred into our body in form of pills as in biological processes the digestive enzymes are destroyed which were to break down this swallowed drug and instead we have to go for an injection. How easier it would be if we were to swallow a pill for these drugs instead of going through the painful ... Read More »

Top 5 countries that will soon run out of drinkable water

no water scarcity natural calamity

With the threats of our resources running short, shortage of potable water is topping the list. While some countries have adopted desalination methods to get their water purified, some are about to hit below the belt. With water wars are edging these top 5 countries that are listed here will suffer the maximum in recent years. South Africa: Topping the ... Read More »

Buying Term Insurance Can Be Costlier Unless It Has These 5 Benefits

tensed man thinking

(image source: Shutterstock) Online Term insurance plans are one of the most popular forms of life insurance in India due to their low premium rates and ease of purchase. These plans help protect the financial future of your loved ones in case of an eventuality, by offering them a large corpus after your unfortunate demise. Which is why,getting term insurance should ... Read More »

How winter season will stop existing in Australia by 2050

March 2017

The people who trust the warnings about climate changes given out by the scientists, even they are having a tough time getting accustomed to possible changes in the upcoming future. Australians will have to cope with these sudden climatic changes within just 30 years of time as winter season will stop existing there by 2050. There will be no longer ... Read More »

Top 5 conspiracy theories associated with climate change

conspiracy theories associated with climate change

 In the previous year, representatives from 150 countries were sent to Paris to figure out ways to monitor the global climatic change. After which the deniers of climate change have started to whip conspiracy theories associated with climate change. Listed below are some such theories, which give no real reason to believe in their accuracy but they surely agitate your ... Read More »

What’s the issue with water desalination for drinking?

water glass

According to science and various government agencies, desalination of water is the ultimate solution to the water crisis taking place in the world. The expenses that come along with desalination of water can be outrageous and expenditure of a large amount of energy will take place. Desalination of water can also result in damaging the environmental aspects and this solution ... Read More »


well dress man

 CHECK THE EFFECTS OF PLANETS OF DESIRE AND DETACHMENTON YOUR SIGNS FOR NEXT 18 MONTHS….. Rahu, the shadow planet which has gained more prominence in Kaliyug will leave the house of Cancer and will enter Gemini, the third house from Kal Pursh, an Airy Sign. Rahu by default gives good results in 3rd, 6th, 7th10th and 11th houses and is ... Read More »

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