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Missing the sea? Plan this sea-view itinerary from Chennai to Pondicherry during the lockdown

While working from home seemed like a refreshing change from the monotonous 9-to-5 routine during the first few weeks of the lockdowns, a lot has changed now. We have all been stuck at our respective homes for more than a hundred days now – so much so that folks have started missing going to the office.   For all of ... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Online Direct Lenders

You have plans to set aside money in savings, but then life happens. One week, your dog finds your stash of chocolate and needs to be rushed to the vet. The next, your child falls out of their treehouse and needs to get an x-ray. On top of it all, your tire blows, and you need to fix it if ... Read More »

What Are The Best Ways For Students To Get Along With Flatmates?

If you’ve made the move to a new city – whether it be a few kilometres away or halfway across the world – you’ll likely have to find somewhere to stay while you spend your time studying and, in most cases, you’ll need to share the space with other students. Although these situations mostly work out well, there are certainly ... Read More »

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews

Cryptocurrency development company

When it comes to choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange, there is no one-size-fits-all- solution. Different traders have different requirements. Over it, different exchanges have different protocols. The payment mode, applicable charges, liquidity, privacy, speed all are likely to vary from exchange to exchange. Thus, to help you find out the right crypto exchange for you, given below are the reviews for ... Read More »

Is Intraday Trading Profitable? Know All the Strategies

Intraday trading can certainly be profitable, but first you need to learn the basics. Intraday trading is different from typical stocks investment, as buy and sell transactions are settled on the same trading day. In intraday trading, stocks are not transferred to your account. You make intraday profit via the fluctuations in share prices that occur on any trading day. For ... Read More »

Top Five Exciting Things To Explore In Jeddah

travel holiday

A bustling city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is a commercial, industrial, cultural and tourism hub in the Arab World. Jeddah’s rich history dates back to the more than two millennia, which makes it all the more attractive for travellers. Jeddah is a well-developed city and offers travellers a range of hotels (فنادق) to choose from. Jeddah is a lot different from ... Read More »

Airlines Safety Measures for Soon-to-Board Flyers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

With airlines recovering from the sudden halt of services during the coronavirus pandemic, it is important that the economy jolts back to its natural state soon. The airline industry has started working on stringent safety measures to ensure that passengers do not come in contact with infected individuals. But, what exactly are these safety standards? How safe exactly are you? ... Read More »

Is it fair that UK MPs push for restricting gambling advertising?

1 x bet betting

Let’s face it. The UK generates a lot of the world’s gambling revenue, and of course this is worrying for MPs. There are specific measures that MPs would like to take, this includes the overall ban of commercials both on TV and online promoting gambling. Albeit gambling is legal, the specific topics to consider is: Is all this gambling even ... Read More »

How Covid has revamped the FTSE100

It is common knowledge that the global covid-19 pandemic has left devastation everywhere. Health, Travel, Economy and more. An element that is overshadowed during this pandemic is the Blue Chip index and also the stock market. People who are invested in the stock market and follow the figures daily, tell about the new normal following a global pandemic. These people ... Read More »

Covid-19 pandemic; An opportunity for legal fraternity to go digital says Gautam Khaitan

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has disrupted almost every walk of life and legal fraternity is no exception. The announcement of the pan-India lockdown to contain the virus for over 2 months has resulted in putting a halt to the gigantic Indian economy. Alongside this, the nation also observed the shutting down of the usual proceedings of the judiciary. Eminent ... Read More »

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