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Reusable Vs. Single-Use Mask – Which One to Choose?

The Coronavirus pandemic is here to stay, making face masks a part of our daily lives. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised people across the globe to wear face coverings to reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease. With lockdown restrictions being relaxed in most Indian states, wearing face masks is now mandatory almost everywhere, whether you are visiting banks, shops, ... Read More »

Football Around The World

Football, oh football! The game that swirls different emotions and ignites the passions of millions. There is a good reason why football is referred to as a language that anyone of any race can speak. Popularly referred to as soccer in the United States of America, the history of football can be traced all the way back to over 2,000 ... Read More »

How To Invest A Windfall

We are all struggling with our lives financially and emotionally. To maintain a certain standard of living, we need to earn a substantial amount of money to fulfill the necessities. Imagine if you won the lottery jackpot and found windfall money; what would you do with all that money? Firstly, it would be a moment of rejoicing because finding or ... Read More »


Opening a café is a fantastic business idea because who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Coffee is the gateway to great conversation and share bonds. To start a café means to serve the customer with an opportunity to brighten their days. Opening a café sounds lovely until you realize how much work is involved with the process. Read ... Read More »

Is Your Home Really Ready for Your Retirement Years?

Your needs change as you get older. Your living-space should accommodate these changes. See what you should do to guarantee that your home is ready for your retirement years. What Do You Need to Prepare for? As you get older, you’re more likely to experience physical limitations. You might have difficulty climbing up narrow staircases. You might need mobility aids ... Read More »

How to Save Money on Truck Fleet Insurance

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If you manage a fleet of trucks, you’ll know that insurance can be one of the biggest expenses to pay. And cutting down costs can be one of the biggest challenges involved in running a fleet. You may want to keep insurance costs as low as possible, but it’s not always that easy when you need to ensure that you ... Read More »

4 Styles in Goggles for Men to Incorporate in Your Closet

No man looks as sharp as when he accompanies the right pair of sunglasses with his attire. Combining the perfect goggles for men with a well put together outfit can instantly make you the most interesting man in the room—any room! Whether you need a pair for everyday use or to protect your eyes, making the right choice is essential. ... Read More »

How Can You Benefit from Data Science Courses Online?

Data science is the talk of today’s IT world. This term was introduced as data is evolving at a drastic rate. It is important to analyze and handle Big data. Practicing or gaining expertise in such a field is quite difficult without proper training and knowledge. That’s there are many online courses and certifications for the same. In this article, ... Read More »

36 Months of Leading Projects: What Else Do Y-ou Need for PMI PMP Certification Exam Besides Taking Practice Tests?

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New projects are started almost every single day and thismeans that the need for the skilled project managers will keep on growing for the years to come. Many people around the world dream about working as such specialists,so there is no denying the fact that it is a fun job if you know what you are getting into. However, since ... Read More »

4 Ideas For Staying Connected With Friends and Family While Overseas

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Each year thousands of students fly overseas in pursuit of higher education and to attend college. Some of these students travel great distances between continents, while others fly only a few hours away from their home country. Studying in a foreign land is a great experience of its own. It not only allows you to learn from the best universities, ... Read More »

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