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What Is Ammonium Nitrate?

A chemical compound comprising ammonium and nitrate ions, ammonium nitrate is widely used across the globe as a high-nitrogen fertilizer. Another common use of ammonium nitrate is in developing explosive mixtures, which is used for quarrying, mining and civil construction purposes. While its role as a potent fertilizer is unquestionable, it has nonetheless emerged as a controversial chemical compound over ... Read More »

Is It True That The First Impression is the Last Impression?

According to psychological studies, first impression is the first idea which one takes about someone when seeing him for the first time, it is as a mental image of that person. The first impression is not always accurate, actually, it varies a lot because it depends on the observer and the target being observed. However, giving a good first impression ... Read More »

A tab of long lasting freshness with Wrigley’s new Doublemint© Gums

Wrigley India extends brand Doublemint©  to Gums segment New Delhi, February 28, 2017: Extending its Doublemint© brand to a new segment, Wrigley India, a Mars Inc subsidiary, launched Doublemint© Gums, earlier this month. The newly launched Doublemint© Gums offer a soft, chewy, and long lasting freshness experience. Keeping up with its promise of innovation in products and packs, Wrigley’s Doublemint© Gums has been made available ... Read More »

MKSSS & ACM join hands to give a big push to Fashion Technology in India

Pune : India’s premier and oldest institute for women’s education – Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha’s (MKSSS) School of Fashion Technology (SOFT) and renowned fashion technology institute in the world Accademia Costume and Moda (ACM) of Italy, announced strategic collaboration to further push fashion technology in India and also provide an platform for women to hone their talent in the field ... Read More »

Philips Lighting establishes leading partner ecosystem for indoor positioning

SAP, Zebra Technologies, SES-imagotag and Microsoft amongst the first industry leaders to join Location Lab partner program Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, today announced its Location Lab partner program, comprised of companies developing innovative applications for its highly accurate indoor positioning system. The Location Lab partner program enables collaboration with industry leaders ... Read More »

Saavn Launches Artist Originals, Sets Tone for Indian Hip-Hop with New Track by Naezy

With the AO program, Saavn reaches underground to accelerate new artists, produce originals and merge East-West talent New York & Mumbai – February 27, 2017 – Saavn, South Asia’s audio and music streaming service, today announced its expansion into original music with the worldwide release of “Azaad Hu Mai,” a genre-defining track from underground hip-hop artist, Naezy. The track is the first to ... Read More »

NASA Discovers Seven Earth-Like Planets


In a very interesting discovery, NASA has found seven earth-like planets around a single star. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope revealed this significant information yesterday. Three out of these seven planets are located in the area where liquid water might be available.  This discovery again embarks new human aspirations to live and travel outside the earth.  Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator of ... Read More »

Here’s why skipping meals is a bad idea!

Skipping meals might seem like an easy way to lose weight, but it actually may lead to weight gain if you eat more later to make up for it. But little do we know what negative impacts it can have on our bodies. For starters, skipping just one meal causes your blood-sugar levels to dive (or if it’s breakfast, to never ... Read More »

Did you know these facts about teenage?

Teenage is a very dynamic stage in our lives, and we tend to grow with every passing day. There are so many physical and hormonal changes happening in our body that one starts to feel major transitions in their respective lives. Below are some facts that you probably did not know: 1. About 20 percent of kids between 12 and 19 ... Read More »

Importance of Building a Working Culture

When we talk about aspects of what makes an organization a good place to work, the primary factors most of us take into account are brand value of the organization and compensation paid to employees. Most managers and senior professionals in    tend to believe that these two elements are sufficient to attract talent to their organizations. However, one of the ... Read More »

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