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Why Muslims Wear Skull Cap?

People of every religion have something unique about their customs, rituals and beliefs. Most of these peculiarities have often been continued since several generations. It is possible that such things may have undergone changes over the years, which makes it difficult to ascertain how they started in the first place. In the Muslim community, one of the most noticeable things ... Read More »

Do Animals Cry?

We often come across photographs and videos of animals with tears in their eyes. The objective is usually to share the message that even animals have the ability to experience pain and suffering. Such pictorials urge us to be kind to animals and not do anything that might harm them. While it’s true that animals can experience pain, do they ... Read More »

Countries Still Ruled By Kings And Queens

Humanity has progressed into 21st century, where our society has been significantly transformed with technology advancements. Over the years, we have also witnessed a significant change in how governments are selected and their functioning. However, even with these notable developments, it’s surprising to see that there are countries that are still ruled by kings, queens, emperors and sultans. Such titles ... Read More »

Why All Scams End With ‘Gate’ Suffix?

Ever wondered why all scams and scandals usually end with the ‘gate’ suffix? Well, there’s a complete story to it, which is considered as one of the worst developments in US political history. If you are curious to know the meaning of ‘gate’ suffix, here’s a quick look at the scandal that started it all. The Watergate scandal One of ... Read More »

Which Animal Kills The Most Humans?

Life is uncertain and death can come calling anytime, anywhere. There are so many ways we can die such as due to disease, infection, accident, homicide, suicide or simply old age. Another common way to die is when we are bitten by animals. This is not to be taken lightly, as thousands of people die every year due to animal ... Read More »

Most Puzzling Questions Science Can’t Answer Yet

It’s true that science has made significant progress over the years and expanded the collective knowledge of humankind manifold. It is science that has helped us build complex machines and supercomputers, unlock the digital space, discover new medicines and vaccines, and explore the vast universe. However, it’s surprising that even with so much progress, there are questions that still puzzle ... Read More »

What’s The Difference Between Flammable Vs. Inflammable

There are many words that often tend to confuse us and one of these is flammable and inflammable. These words are generally written to caution people against the risk of fire. We usually see these words on vehicles carrying items such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG, propane, etc. So, why do some warning signs have the term ‘flammable’ whereas others ... Read More »

How Animals Recognize Each Other?

Humans have very distinctive facial features, skin color and body types. These factors make it easy for us to recognize each other. But how do animals recognize each other, who look almost the same? For example, how does a penguin know its partner or parent in a crowd of thousands of penguins? Same applies to various other animals that look ... Read More »

Which Is The Fastest Elevator In The World?

Skyscrapers are getting taller and taller every year and we are yet to define a limit for how high we can build. Living or working in these buildings is made possible by various technology integrations, one of which is elevators. These buildings are equipped with multiple high-speed elevators, which allow fast movement of men and material. Without these high-speed elevators, ... Read More »

Which Animal Has The Longest Lifespan

Did you know that some forms of microorganisms can survive for millions of years? And what if we say that there are creatures that are immortal? Even if it may sound unbelievable, these are facts that have been scientifically proven. Nature is simply fascinating and there’s so much more that we still need to learn about it. For better understanding, ... Read More »

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