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Thursday , 21 June 2018
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Brains : Women Vs. Men

brain female male

Scientists primarily study four primary areas of difference in male and female brains: Processing, Chemistry, Structure and activity. The differences in male and female brains in those areas show up all over the world. The average brain weight of the adult male brain was 1336g. For the adult female brain 1198g. With increasing age, brain weight decreases by 2.7g in ... Read More »

Women who works and earn salary

women works

Women who works and earn salary or other incomes outside the home are working women. Women have shown lot of their capabilities in different fields. It can be the highest position in public officials or the highest political fields. Women have matched the shoulders with men. Many changes have taken place in their position, in this male – dominated society. In ... Read More »



When we think of lord shiva many things come to our mind like tandava ( a dance form) ,his anger , etc the same way aghoris also come to play here. Ahgoris are the people who are aescetic shaiva saadhus . They are the people who truly believe and follow the pathway of lord shiva . They smear cremation ashes ... Read More »

“positive and negative effects of Facebook”


Facebook is popular social networking site with almost 1 Billion users. In fact, it has become such a huge part of people’s lives that we can extract enough information to write a person’s biography by just checking out their Facebook profile. Sounds a little too dangerous, doesn’t it? Like most things in life, this too has both good and bad ... Read More »

The Nocturnal Parliament

hunting eagle mice

Every day, we see stuff that evoke our curiosity, things that push us to know more. These “Things” constantly remind us of how much we don’t know about our existence. Like Buddha said, all things are as they should be. But are they really in their place? Owls, a symbol of wisdom since medieval times, has intrigued me to learn ... Read More »


music in nagaland

Music is something that plays a vital role in everyone’s life. When talking about Nagaland music it’s a unique music that plays in the state with different unique instrument. People from other states and countries also overwhelmed by the music that the musician plays and sing                    There are various tribal communities in Nagaland and each tribe is differ in ... Read More »

India A Nation Of Political Struggle

It is nothing new that India is a land of political conflict and it has been the scenario since the time of British domination over India. When we look at the current situation of India, every state is directly or indirectly indulge in a political issue. As a matter of fact, every nations of the world face political crisis and ... Read More »

Single Parent family vs dual parent family

Sigle Parent family vs dual parent family

A single parent family is just as good as a normal family Overcoming initial hardships members of single parent family bond better with a greater sense of responsibility Manasa Gowda, Assistant Professor, St. Claret College, Bengaluru Coming from a middle class family, I always feel proud of my mother because she brought me and my brother up as a single ... Read More »


This Relationship Needs a Break newspatrolling

It was a season of interviews for my MBA admissions and I was asked a lot of interesting questions. One of those questions tested my diplomacy. He asked me to comment on Indo-Pak relationship, he added a quote by Paulo Coelho, “Culture makes people understand each other better and if they understand each other better in their soul, it is ... Read More »

14 Genuine Ideas To Impress A Girl

how to impress a girl, tips to impress a girl newspatrolling

Impressing a girl is easy as a piece of cake for some, and a hard task for others. On the other hand, some ladies are easily influenced by the guys’ flirtations, and others are not. However, these 14 ideas will help you to impress a girl and win her heart (or at least her interest). 1- Don’t rush, take things ... Read More »

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