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Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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The Craze of studying engineering or Medicals in India – A personal Viewpoint


So, in India, there are primarily two basic career choices after the class tenth. You either join FITJEE or AAKASH. Yes, perhaps you have guessed it right- Doctors and Engineers are the only two professions available to an Indian student. Hypothetically speaking, if any Indian student goes to the Kaun Banega Crorepati show and faces the question “Which profession you ... Read More »

Refreshing the term Biodegradability in the backdrop of Plastics

biodegrable ecofriendly

We all hate the term “Non-Biodegradability”, don’t we? Plastics, followed by plastic pollution sequenced by the death of animals are what we see in modern trending newspaper posts. We all give so much importance to the term “Non-Biodegradability”, we say loads about Plastic pollution, we write articles, encode statistics to reinforce the article just to make sure we don’t use ... Read More »



It takes more than a mere hand holding or delegating a task, to inspire a colleague to work harder or a group of people to push further towards a common goal. It takes a leader. The corporate world has always been intrigued by our ability to BECOME a leader. Is leadership a skill that you can learn and develop or ... Read More »

Just like my Dad!

just like my dad

“How do I look, mom?” an innocent voice asked. “Oh Rutu, you look perfect. Just like your dad.” She replied while looking at her 9- year-old, who had suited up for the first time. She did not notice, but pride from her eyes had already spilled over and spread over her smiling face, and then her hands, which were pulling ... Read More »

How can India’s performance be improved in international sporting events?

India and sports

How many of us think that had blaming others had been the sports in Olympics India would have been the table toppers, I guess all of us but unfortunately it isn’t. We just keep on dreaming and waiting for an Indian player to win Augusta masters or Indian team reaching FIFA finals but seldom forget that dreams need “a path” ... Read More »

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Adreesh & Bineeta

Love isn’t what it seems like in the movies. It’s painful, it’s dirty, it’s exhausting and it’s not for the faint-hearted. They say that love finds you, and not the other way round. Do you think that’s true? Is it so difficult to meet your future partner? Is it tougher to stay in love? So tough that most people don’t ... Read More »

Influence of my favorite movie on me


Why do we love movies? It’s because they make us believe in something. Despite us knowing that it’s not real we still believe in them, get inspired from them. That’s the impact of a good movie. For me there has been one movie which has always kept me inspired and there is still a lot left for me to gain ... Read More »


power of acceptance

Nothing is so easy as to committing a mistake and nothing is so difficult as to as to accepting it but nothing is so full of pride too when you have accepted what you have done wrong. The inspiration for this article as you already must have guessed from the title and having connected it to the recent happenings in ... Read More »

Brains : Women Vs. Men

brain female male

Scientists primarily study four primary areas of difference in male and female brains: Processing, Chemistry, Structure and activity. The differences in male and female brains in those areas show up all over the world. The average brain weight of the adult male brain was 1336g. For the adult female brain 1198g. With increasing age, brain weight decreases by 2.7g in ... Read More »

Women who works and earn salary

women works

Women who works and earn salary or other incomes outside the home are working women. Women have shown lot of their capabilities in different fields. It can be the highest position in public officials or the highest political fields. Women have matched the shoulders with men. Many changes have taken place in their position, in this male – dominated society. In ... Read More »

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