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India A Nation Of Political Struggle

It is nothing new that India is a land of political conflict and it has been the scenario since the time of British domination over India. When we look at the current situation of India, every state is directly or indirectly indulge in a political issue. As a matter of fact, every nations of the world face political crisis and ... Read More »

Single Parent family vs dual parent family

Sigle Parent family vs dual parent family

A single parent family is just as good as a normal family Overcoming initial hardships members of single parent family bond better with a greater sense of responsibility Manasa Gowda, Assistant Professor, St. Claret College, Bengaluru Coming from a middle class family, I always feel proud of my mother because she brought me and my brother up as a single ... Read More »


This Relationship Needs a Break newspatrolling

It was a season of interviews for my MBA admissions and I was asked a lot of interesting questions. One of those questions tested my diplomacy. He asked me to comment on Indo-Pak relationship, he added a quote by Paulo Coelho, “Culture makes people understand each other better and if they understand each other better in their soul, it is ... Read More »

14 Genuine Ideas To Impress A Girl

how to impress a girl, tips to impress a girl newspatrolling

Impressing a girl is easy as a piece of cake for some, and a hard task for others. On the other hand, some ladies are easily influenced by the guys’ flirtations, and others are not. However, these 14 ideas will help you to impress a girl and win her heart (or at least her interest). 1- Don’t rush, take things ... Read More »

Why I decided to start a company in adventure sports ?

Adventure has always been a well anticipated respite from the humdrum of daily affairs. Hence, the popularity of adventure sports have grown by leaps and bound, be it for bungee jumping, sky diving or others, with people accepting such activities as a regular rejuvenator.  Especially in a land that is as conservative as India, where the norm was more concentrated ... Read More »

Precision Agriculture and Relevance to Seed Industry

India falls within top 10 ranks in the total production of most crops, however, India’s productivity ranking is very poor and is not even in the top 50 in many crops. Precision Agriculture (PA) is one technique to directly influence crop productivity and farmers’ income. It is the practice of customizing the crop inputs applied on a farm to smaller patches ... Read More »

Things you realizes while dating an introvert

Relationship vary from one to another. Every relationship has its own uniqueness, its own charm, its own magic. The sort of relationship that exists between two people, depends completely on the character of the people involved. One type being introverts.  We all know that dealing with introverts isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to love relationship. It is ... Read More »

Photo of Hindu and Muslim praying together captures the true spirit of India

Mayank Austen Soofi, a Delhi-based writer and photojournalist, chose to share what he captured through his lens, when diversity meets solidarity. On twitter Mayank posted an image of a Hindu man and Muslim man praying together inside Delhi’s Nizamuddin Dargah. He captioned it ” A Hindu posture of praying right and a Muslim posture of praying left at the Sufi Shrine ... Read More »

Learning to read as adult changes brain: Study

The adult brain is quite flexible says a new study by researchers at the Max Planck Institute For Psycholinguistic in the Netherlands. The research was conducted in collaboration with the centre for bio-medical research, Lucknow and the university of Hyderabad. The researchers studied changes in the brain of 30 illiterate women between 18-30 years from villages after they received daily ... Read More »

44% of India’s aged treated badly in public

Respect for elderly is supposed to be ingrained in Indian culture but it may not be reflected in daily life. Helpage India study says 44%  of elders said they were treated badly in public and 53% said they believed that Indian society discriminates against elders. Above 60 , living in Bengaluru is not a walk in the park but a ... Read More »

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