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Thursday , 27 April 2017
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Ivanka Trump was forced to defend Donald Trump in G20 Women’s Summit

Ivanka Trump’s first major outing in her official capacity as Special Assistant to the President of US was booed in the G20 Summit. Ivanka who was seen with top leaders like Angela Merkel,Chancellor of Germany and Christine Lagarde, Head of IMF(International Monetary Fund) was forced to defend her father’s attitude. Trump was criticised for his attitude towards women especially after ... Read More »

Trump’s Proposed Tax for 2017

Donald Trump, as promised in his election manifesto has announced the new Tax Plans for 2017 for USA. Some of the highlights are given below: Reducing the existing tax brackets of 7 to 3 which will have 15%, 25% and 35% for the individuals. Doubling the standard deduction. Provide tax relief to American families – particularly middle-income families. Protecting the ... Read More »

Macron to beat Marine Le Pen in French Elections

With first round of elections got over on Sunday, it is now clear that there will be only 2 candidates in the 2nd and Final Round of Presidential Elections in France which would see Macron and Marine Le Pen fighting for the Top Post. The exit survey polls says that Emmanuel Macron would win it easy over Le Pen with ... Read More »

Cyprus President To Arrive In India On a 5-Day Visit Today

Nicos Anastasiades

To give the bilateral relationship a new steam between India and Cyprus, the Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades will arrive in India today on a five-day visit. He will meet President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other senior level ministers do discuss the bilateral relationships. Mr Anastasiades is also expected to sign various bilateral agreements. He is expected to meet ... Read More »

Trump wants sanctions on North Korea

United States President Donald Trump on Monday called for United Nations Security Council(UNSC) to sanction against the nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes of North Korea. He has termed it as a very big problem. “The status quo on North Korea is unacceptable. The (UN Security) Council must be prepared to impose additional sanctions on North Korean nuclear and ballistic ... Read More »

French Election – It will be Le Pen vs Macron

  The most unpredictable French election ever yesterday saw the unusual results. It saw the populist Marine Le Pen & political novice Emmanuel Macron through to the second round of the country’s presidential election where Macron had secured 23.9 per cent with Le Pen on 21.4 per cent of the total votes polled in the first round of French Presidential Elections. Macron ... Read More »

France to vote on Presidential elections today

The people of France would be voting in the first round to select their President. The country has been witnessing few terrorist attacks in the past few weeks and in the wake of election, the Government has deployed some 50,000 security personnel to ensure that the election gets carried out without any incidents. The candidates who are in the fray ... Read More »

Barack Obama’s appointment of US Surgeon General Revoked

PIO Vivek Murthy who was appointed as Surgeon General of USA during the Barack Obama regime on December 2014 has been dismissed by the Donald Trump led government. Mr Murthy was asked to resign. An official statement said that he would continue to serve as a member of the Commissioned Corps. Murthy, 39, has been replaced by his deputy, Rear ... Read More »

PM Nawaz Sheriff escapes Money Laundering case

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sheriff had a breather yesterday when his case came to the Supreme Court for review since he was accused of money laundering by investing huge amounts in U.K and in other countries. The famous “Panama Paper” leaks case would have brought the political ambition of the PM to nil if only Supreme Court had ... Read More »

UK to face issues triggering Brexit

U.K. which has triggered article 50 t leave European Union is set to face himalayan task in getting this done. Firstly, the PM Teresa May has to meet the leaders from the EU in the EU Parliament and convince them of this since this may not go down well with the coalition countries. Even if they agree, they are expected ... Read More »

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