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Shocking statements made by well-known politicians

We all know how dirty politics is and to what extent these politicians can go to win the elections. But politicians tend to go mad after coming in power. They can never learn to keep their mouth shut during important and critical situations. We have gathered the most shocking statements made by well-known politicians to prove the above statement right. ... Read More »

Reasons that there should be a limitation to the freedom of speech

The topic of the limitation of freedom of speech is widely debated. Though the Supreme Court sided with freedom of speech in 1930, should there be some limitations to it? In the name of these fundamental rights, there are lots of mishappening all over the country. Stated below are some of the reasons that there should be a limitation to ... Read More »

Article 370 Revoked: Congress Leaders Who Supported Government’s Move

Revocation of Article 370 is one of the biggest political decisions in the history of India. It has got everyone in the country involved and even global leaders are talking about it. While the majority of political parties have supported revocation of Article 370, other parties including Congress, TMC, NCP, and JDU have voiced their opinions against the move. Surprisingly, ... Read More »

Modi 2.0 – Spinning the growth wheel of Indian Economy


It is high time to shift gears up and target for unprecedented growth in Modi 2.0. With the aspirations of 1.3 billion on its shoulder, the government is poised to deliver on the fundamental aspects of building a high growth economic progress for the nation. We have set an optimistic target of achieving five trillion economy by the next five ... Read More »

The evolution of political campaigns – from autos to Instagram

Barack Obama’s campaign success in the 2008 US Presidential elections paved the way for what is now the only way to manage mammoth political campaigns. After the massive use of new media tools for electoral mobilization, the world is seeing a surge in adoption of similar methods for canvassing. This holds true especially for India, where we first saw the ... Read More »

11 Most Bizarre And Controversial Statements Made By Indian Politicians

Rahul Gandhi

Politics in today’s world has become a dirty game and politicians are stooping to new lows to score brownie points. Making controversial statements is one of the tricks that today’s politicians use to strike a chord with their followers. Making controversial statements also gets them guaranteed media coverage across the country and sometimes globally as well. This clearly shows that ... Read More »

Biggest scams in the history of India

Scams and corruptions are mainly responsible for the bad situation of politics that we find in India today. These scams and corruption incidences have shamed India in front of the world. The reason for the biggest scams that have been recorded in India is some or other way connected to political leaders and the power of wealthy people in India. ... Read More »

Election 2019: The Biggest Battle In India’s Electoral History

election 2019

Who wins Election 2019 will be decided on May 23, but one thing is apparent that it has ignited people’s interest in politics. With the easy availability of internet and social media onslaught, Indian voters are accessing political content like never before. As for political parties and candidates, it’s like saying that you can love them or hate them, but ... Read More »

“Men Suffer Too”: Kshama Sharma, Author advocates need for “Purush Aayog”

mens right

With the rising incidents of women misusing the law against men, it is high time that the law-makers initiated moves to create organizations that work for the benefit of men suffering from such cases. Today, many men have been reported suffering at the mercy of their wives. Most of them were locked up inside jail under false allegations. Recently, Kshama ... Read More »

Why Congress Party Lost Power In India?


Once the single largest political party in India, Congress has lost much of its power, influence and appeal in the country. The Congress party has seen its ups and downs, but after 1984, when it won 415 Lok Sabha seats out of 543, its political dominance has been declining. After India’s independence, Congress party emerged as the largest political party, ... Read More »

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