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An Incomplete Checklist of Gun Accessories

Anyone who owns even one firearm knows that ownership doesn’t begin and end with the gun itself and ammo for it. That’s literally just the tip of the iceberg. Being fastidious in your care for and use of your firearm necessitates a number of gun accessories, including but in no wise limited to the following: Optics – Not an absolutely ... Read More »

Where to Look for Unique Gifts this Season

Getting creative with gift-giving can seem more and more tedious each year with so many choices, options, a variety of items from food to home decor to toys, and just about anything you could dream of available at the tap of a button.  Online big-box shopping has changed holiday shopping as we know it. These days, most people do all ... Read More »

The Best Handheld Mobile Computers For 2021

A mobile computer is a portable device that combines the functions of a computer and a scanner. This handheld device is used in manufacturing units to enhance the productivity of the workers. Mobile computers help them to perform their tasks faster, smarter, and in a better way. It comes in various shapes and sizes; some of the most popular types ... Read More »

Perfecting your skincare routine to act as the perfect base for your makeup

This festive season let’s look at brining the glow from the lights to your skin. Days of flawless makeup and glamorous outfits, is what this season has in store for us. Breaking the monotony of lounge wear during the pandemic, lets prepare for extravagant outfits and makeup looks and celebrating at home with our loved ones, as a way to ... Read More »


Opening a café is a fantastic business idea because who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Coffee is the gateway to great conversation and share bonds. To start a café means to serve the customer with an opportunity to brighten their days. Opening a café sounds lovely until you realize how much work is involved with the process. Read ... Read More »

Renowned Novelist Reecha Agarwal launches her new book “SHE- SCREW SILENCE”

A modern literature and a compilation of small snippets in the form of short poetries on women New Delhi, 3rd October 2020: Reecha Agarwal Goyal, one of India’s best-selling novelist and fiction writer has recently launched her new book “SHE – SCREW SILENCE” a collection of micro tales on women. The book delves into a wide range of ideas from a woman’s ... Read More »

Adepoju Olaoluwaitunu’s new book “My Lovely Sister” released

Adepoju Olaoluwaitunu, a renowned author of 5 bestselling books recently launched his new book, My lovely Sister. Adepoju OlaoluwaItunu is a multi-talented author and fitness influencer. He is also the CEO of OLAEDUCONSULT (an educational consultancy company), CEO of FITNESS EMPEROR, a national level swimmer, a model, to be Computer Science Engineer. Adepoju is well-known for his Bestselling 5 books– ... Read More »

Mishan Designs Launches Its First Book

Mishan Designs is pleased to announce the publication of its first book as part of its new product line. The book, Faith and the Beloved, by Kochery C Shibu, is already among the bestsellers on Amazon Crime Thrillers. The book is a riveting saga of love, lust, betrayal, intrigue and revenge, and would be taking the Indian English fiction writing ... Read More »

It’s time to party hard at home with these powerful & decorative speakers

The prolonged lockdown and the new normal of working from home have turned some of us into couch potatoes. The work from home phenomena has further resulted in extended working hours and too many video or conference calls, adding to the boredom of remaining confined within our homes. But what if we turn our homes into the ultimate party destination, ... Read More »

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