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Opening a café is a fantastic business idea because who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Coffee is the gateway to great conversation and share bonds. To start a café means to serve the customer with an opportunity to brighten their days. Opening a café sounds lovely until you realize how much work is involved with the process. Read ... Read More »

Renowned Novelist Reecha Agarwal launches her new book “SHE- SCREW SILENCE”

A modern literature and a compilation of small snippets in the form of short poetries on women New Delhi, 3rd October 2020: Reecha Agarwal Goyal, one of India’s best-selling novelist and fiction writer has recently launched her new book “SHE – SCREW SILENCE” a collection of micro tales on women. The book delves into a wide range of ideas from a woman’s ... Read More »

Adepoju Olaoluwaitunu’s new book “My Lovely Sister” released

Adepoju Olaoluwaitunu, a renowned author of 5 bestselling books recently launched his new book, My lovely Sister. Adepoju OlaoluwaItunu is a multi-talented author and fitness influencer. He is also the CEO of OLAEDUCONSULT (an educational consultancy company), CEO of FITNESS EMPEROR, a national level swimmer, a model, to be Computer Science Engineer. Adepoju is well-known for his Bestselling 5 books– ... Read More »

Mishan Designs Launches Its First Book

Mishan Designs is pleased to announce the publication of its first book as part of its new product line. The book, Faith and the Beloved, by Kochery C Shibu, is already among the bestsellers on Amazon Crime Thrillers. The book is a riveting saga of love, lust, betrayal, intrigue and revenge, and would be taking the Indian English fiction writing ... Read More »

It’s time to party hard at home with these powerful & decorative speakers

The prolonged lockdown and the new normal of working from home have turned some of us into couch potatoes. The work from home phenomena has further resulted in extended working hours and too many video or conference calls, adding to the boredom of remaining confined within our homes. But what if we turn our homes into the ultimate party destination, ... Read More »

6 organic skincare products

Making use of organic skin care items is becoming increasingly vital because of the safety and security they provide, the value for cash as well as other factors. What is retinol for? What are the adverse effects of hyaluronic acid? Within the wide range of natural products for skin care, some stand out such as aloe vera, honey, avocado, environment-friendly ... Read More »

4 Coffee scrubs for the body and face

The peeling with coffee can be done in your home and includes mixing a little coffee premises with the very same amount of plain yogurt, lotion or milk. After that, it is enough to scrub this blend on the skin for a couple of seconds, adhered to by cleaning with cold water. To have the very best result, this scrub ... Read More »

Steam bath for a more beautiful face

Wellness There are many benefits that a steam bath offers for your face and the good thing is that you can do it yourself.  but several aspects must be taken into account before, during and after.  We give you the necessary tips to achieve a good cleaning.  There are many benefits that a steam bath offers for your face and ... Read More »

All About Mobile Computers: Its Types And Usage

The mobile computer is a small, lightweight, and portable device that allows people to access data and information from wherever they are. It includes a laptop, notebook, personal digital assistant, smartphones, portable data, etc. But sometimes notebooks and laptops are excluded from the group of mobile computing gadgets because they cannot be used while moving. These devices can scan barcodes ... Read More »

5 best smart home gadgets which could help you survive Work from Home

Millennials were the first ones to welcome technology with open arms. With the pandemic being hit, not just the millennials but everyone has started to rely on technology as technology helped them with being contactless and doing their everyday tasks with ease. If you still are confused on which gadget is worth buying and is really below are 5 gadgets ... Read More »

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