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Top 5 most popular exotic bar around the world

Every person has a different notion about “The World’s Best Bars.” For some, the ambience matters the most whereas for other a good cocktail is enough. But for people to whom perfection matters the most and are searching for the most exotic bars, here is a list of 5 bars around the world. Happy’sNew York Bar, Paris With New York-style ... Read More »

Kuppies Is The New Favorite For Pizza Lovers Like Me

kuppies products

I love pizzas and always used to wait for the time when I can order one from my favorite pizza store. However, the experience was not always gratifying, as I had to often deal with things like a long queue or extended delivery timeline. Another concern was the high price of pizza, which limited the number of times I can ... Read More »

A list of some of the best 5-star hotels in Coorg

hotel in puri travel stay

Kodagu district in Karnataka, also known as Coorg, has been attracting visitors from all over the world for its lush green environs, picturesque views, magnificent mountain ranges, and romantic weather. This very popular tourist destination in Karnataka makes a great place for a holiday. No matter if you are looking for a weekend getaway or an entire vacation, Coorg is ... Read More »

Head to Holiday Inn Express in Gurugram for a quick and relaxing weekend getaway

holiday innhotel food newspatrolling outing

After a tiring week at work, all we want is to relax. But then we also do not want to end up wasting the entire weekend just sitting idle at home. At times when we think of travelling out of station, it is time-consuming hence the plan keeps on getting postponed! Now how do you tackle this? Very easy! Head ... Read More »

Woodays Greenhub: A New Entry in Kufri’s Hospitality Arcade

woodays hut cafe in ice

Mr.Avesh Sharma,Founder and CMO of Woodays Greenhub, Kufri is a pioneer in the marketing industry. He has been working as a marketing professional for more than 10 years. Mr.Avesh completed his gradation in Bachelors of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering and after that; he pursued his Master’s in Business Administration from the very reputed, Himachal University. He started his career ... Read More »

Resort: your one stop place for emotional, physical and spiritual cravings!


Mysore is a wonderful place that attracts visitors from near and far off places. With people more attracted to the several temples to the place, it is known for its exciting gateway: resorts. The best resorts near Mysore proffer numerous things that you may be expecting on your holidays. The place enjoys excellent connectivity through railways, airways and even roadways ... Read More »

Experience Truly Delightful ‘Washoku’ at Fuji Restaurant

Located in a quaint neighborhood of Connaught Place, the Fuji Japanese Restaurant is a true delight for lovers of Pan-Asian cuisine. The founders of the restaurant want patrons to experience the pleasures of ‘Washoku’ that simply means ‘food of Japan’. Fuji specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine and it has also introduced various innovations in several of its dishes. The gastronomic ... Read More »

World on a Platter at Rico’s

Located close to Delhi University, Rico’s is among the best restaurants in North Delhi where you can savor delectable delights from around the world. While focusing on a specific cuisine has become desirable in the restaurant business, Rico’s chooses to differ by offering an assortment of meals from American, Mexican, Lebanese and European cuisines. Its proximity to Delhi University may ... Read More »

Love thy Thai!

There are so many cuisines in the world. Some of them have a strong native root. Some others are accommodating and accepting. There are some more which gain global audience and make inroads into various countries. A cuisine can start in any category and eventually become a globally accepted and liked cuisine too. These cuisines have followers across the globe ... Read More »

A First-of-its-kind, Immersive Time Travel Awaits You at Era Lounge Bar

The concept of time travel is nothing new and we have seen it quite often in various books and movies. Most of these time travel missions are usually carried out to fix something or to stop the bad guys. But wait! What about time travel just for finding new surroundings to experience great food and drinks? Wouldn’t that be a ... Read More »

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