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Suicidal Thoughts – Signs to be Aware of

Suicide is a reaction to the stressful life situations. But It is important to know that, suicidal thoughts can be handled and treated in much better ways if recognised early. It is important to look for signs among your loved ones if they are going through any difficult situations in life. Talking to the individual and consulting a therapist or ... Read More »

Yoga Bolster


Yoga has become a popular form of exercise for both elderly and young people. Yoga has become a popular household activity that one can do easily at home without much use of all those fancy big machines in the gym. Though originated in India yoga has become popular worldwide because of the various benefits associated with it. Yoga majorly involves ... Read More »

What is a Natal Chart?

Natal Chart is based on Vedic astrology which is a primeval Indian science. It’s about the celestial connection between Planets in Sky and humans that procured the kernels of astrology. Natal Chart has been the most imperative tool of Indian Astrology that helps in future prediction. In this article we will try to understand the purpose and the importance of it. ... Read More »

Personalised Vase: Uses and its Safety Measures

Life is completely changed if you see!! Those were flower vases earlier which are now being overtook by the personalised vases. Now in personalised vase gifts, you get a choice to get your vase customized according to the need of yours. These vases made it easy for the audience to choose an occasion’s present. Let’s have a look at the ... Read More »

Womenkind’: Plight, that has missed our sight…

keep going motivational story

“Strong Walls shake, but never collapse” Covid-19 Pandemic has put a halt on the whole mankind. Are we so pretermitting to acknowledge the plight of this severely? The halt has been put on the whole humankind. This natural or man-made Covid-19 Pandemic has contributed significantly to the lives of people of our nation. But, the subsequent impact of lock-down has definitely been disparate for women and men. Women, the most divine creatures on ... Read More »


Holi, festival of colours is celebrated on the full moon day falling in the month of Phalguna (Feb-Mar) as per the Hindu calendar. This festival holds a lot of importance both mythologically and spiritually. This festival conveys message of oneness and also victory of good over evil. The very essence of this festival lies in its colours. Colours plays an ... Read More »

Ways to cope up with your Fear of Failure

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In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, having fear of failure is very quotidian. Every individual, irrespective of their age, gender or profession has the fear of not matching up to their goals, targets or expectations.  As every coin has the other side, ‘fear’ also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It completely depends on your perspective and how ... Read More »

Rejuvenate your energy without Worrying


Paying attention to your appearance is a good thing. We all know that we feel confident when we look good. Not just that, a bit of primping is essential as it reflects our overall sense of well-being.  But do you know that stress, anxiety, worrying not only makes you feel dull but also hampers your overall growth! As a result, ... Read More »

What to do when you feel low?

old man face upset

In this continually changing world when the pressure is so high, whether it is about work or simply to fit in the society, often people are undergoing depression. We believe that depression is a battle that one cannot fight on their own. But, with little help from any external source, this can be efficiently dealt with. If you are feeling ... Read More »

Top 5 People Who Came Alive After Death

death experience afraid fear

People say that life after death can only be seen by someone who is dead. No one has ever seen what’s beyond death. But some contradictory reports have been found. There have been some cases of people coming alive after death. Some people have experienced life after death and then came alive. What could be more interesting than listening to ... Read More »

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