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Feminazi” A halt on the journey to True Feminism!

By Chhavi Auplish, Communications Professional In its most basic form, the feminist movement aims for gender equality. That is the core, retained inside layers upon layers of debate, which have spawned a plethora of offshoots with varying ideologies developed over years of resistance. Feminism, in all of its forms, is far from a straight path today. So, on the road ... Read More »

Soul, Yoga and Meditation

The human body and the mind are like sensitive electronic equipment that can project and receive messages. It is like a radio that can receive signals from many stations. Have you experienced feeling good when you met somebody who is warm and sunny ? Have you also come across somebody who is so pessimistic and cynical that after a few ... Read More »

Self Reiki Healing may recover backache quickly

Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters are always willing to help with replies and finding solutions to everything that comes to us as a challenge. This week, we were asked an interesting question on how one Reiki Healer works on Healing his own back. This was a rather easy question for many Reiki Healers, but since this seems to be an ... Read More »

The Much Needed Awareness Needed in the Society about People with Special Needs

It’s no secret that many people are uncomfortable around individuals with impairments, regardless of the fact that one out of every five individuals in the world has a disability/impairment (or a “limiting permanent physical condition” for those who can’t yet call themselves impaired). It might take time to become used to the concept of being disabled, and it can take ... Read More »

Was Jesus Real?

When it comes to faith, it’s usually our core beliefs that matter and not necessary any evidence to support it. This is especially true in case of religious beliefs. In most religions, the respective leaders are said to have existed hundreds of years ago. This leads many of us to question if these religious leaders really existed or if they ... Read More »

How to Grow Confidence When You Feel Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is the belief that something is wrong, regardless of what it is. People with low self-esteem cannot imagine what they believe in and are heavily influenced by others. People only come to a place where they think they are idiots in light of the fact that someone made them believe that they are disappointed and that they cannot ... Read More »

Laser Hair Removal Facts And Myths You Need To Know

Nowadays, Laser Hair Removal has become a popular choice to get rid of ingrown hairs, and temporary methods such as shaving, tweezing and waxing! It’s one of the trending cosmetic procedures that is safe, reliable and attracting more and more people towards the treatment. But just like any other cosmetic treatment, full body laser hair removal in delhi is also ... Read More »

Suicidal Thoughts – Signs to be Aware of

Suicide is a reaction to the stressful life situations. But It is important to know that, suicidal thoughts can be handled and treated in much better ways if recognised early. It is important to look for signs among your loved ones if they are going through any difficult situations in life. Talking to the individual and consulting a therapist or ... Read More »

Yoga Bolster


Yoga has become a popular form of exercise for both elderly and young people. Yoga has become a popular household activity that one can do easily at home without much use of all those fancy big machines in the gym. Though originated in India yoga has become popular worldwide because of the various benefits associated with it. Yoga majorly involves ... Read More »

What is a Natal Chart?

Natal Chart is based on Vedic astrology which is a primeval Indian science. It’s about the celestial connection between Planets in Sky and humans that procured the kernels of astrology. Natal Chart has been the most imperative tool of Indian Astrology that helps in future prediction. In this article we will try to understand the purpose and the importance of it. ... Read More »

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