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Friday , 21 July 2017
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Category Archives: Self-Healing

Outdoor Activities for mental and physical well being

Mental and physical health is which concerns people all around the world. The kind of lifestyle and the way in which we are busy today makes it really imperative to indulge in physical activities that promote good mental and physical health. Cycling: Cycling is the best cardio workout one can try out on regular basis. All you need is a ... Read More »

How to Manage Your Time…

These days, it seems too difficult to manage your time and keep up with all these tasks including your home, kids, job, friends and many others. However, there are some tips that may be useful to help you a little bit. If you have a lot to accomplish, but you get easily distracted, then these tips will help you a ... Read More »

Discover What Your Favorite Color Says About You?

Almost everyone of us has at least one favorite color, but do you know that your favorite color may tell us a lot about you? Yes it is true, especially after the recent studies regarding the color psychology. For most of the men, studies showed that their favourite color in the world is blue especially for clothes, while it is ... Read More »

See your palms just after you wake up and see the miraculous results!

When you walk up in the morning, as the first thing, keep both hand together (both palms opened so you can see the lines and together as if holding palm full of water) with edges of hands touching each other, and have a look at various locations in the palm to receive the result . On seeing this regularly all ... Read More »

Best time to sleep and wake up

Following a healthy routine is very critical these days. Owing to our sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, etc. we are very close to ruining our lives in the long run. But we should keep on moving ahead with small steps as well, towards being healthy. And one the key change that you should make is the timing pf your sleep. ... Read More »

Things That Will Keep You Calm

Every person has different hobbies to entertain them and make them calm and peaceful. By involving yourself in your hobbies you forget about the thing which borther you in day today life. Enjoying your hobbies is the medicine to calm your mind. Hobbies sometimes referred to meditation where you can forget about all the tension in your life. Music: Music is one ... Read More »

Let Go

 Freedom is God. Slavery is the weakness and paralysis of mind and body, to get oneself confined into limitations of one’s thoughts is slavery, where one has the ability to set fire by one’s own efforts but enjoy to sit fire set by others. Isn’t it slavery? Let Go all the fears, doubts, negativities, limitations, criticism, approvals and the fear ... Read More »

2 busters for Melancholy #Gratitude and Appreciation – Sam always seems to be happy, cheerful, bright and sunny unconditionally. His colleagues often used to ask him the secret behind his absolute happiness. In the context of mental stress and other chaos of life, how can he keep balanced with his inner life condition. The query itself gives the way to the solution. Yes, you got it, it’s ... Read More »

Vastu tips for bathroom

Vastu tips for bathroom are very critical and should not be avoided at any cost.  Bathroom and toilet are basic sections of house sometimes made anywhere which tends to give negative energy because both the places have a specific location according to Vastu principles.  1. Bathroom should be placed in the eastern portion of the house 2. Mirror should always be on the east wall 3. The slope of the bathroom ... Read More »

How to stimulate self-healing within us

We have the power to control our lives, heal ourselves from all the wounds,  and recover us from every situation. The only obstacle is our unawareness. Once we realize the power that we have been endowed with, we can do anything that we want. Our bodies are so capable, intelligent and powerful that we need not doubt its effectiveness and ... Read More »

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