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Liverpool Win the Premier League Title

One week after the Premier League recommenced, Liverpool defeated Crystal Palace on 24 June with a sweeping 4-0 victory that allotted the team 3 crucial points. Liverpool drifted higher in the rankings, but their main competition, Manchester City, slipped the very next day. On 25 June, Manchester City faced off against Chelsea. In order to prevent Liverpool from becoming champions, Man City ... Read More »

How Covid has revamped the FTSE100

It is common knowledge that the global covid-19 pandemic has left devastation everywhere. Health, Travel, Economy and more. An element that is overshadowed during this pandemic is the Blue Chip index and also the stock market. People who are invested in the stock market and follow the figures daily, tell about the new normal following a global pandemic. These people ... Read More »

How to Hold a Pool Cue?

The way to grab the billiard cue is more important than you may believe, since it depends on the way in which you are going to hit the ball and, therefore, the effect that it is going to have on the table. Therefore, it is not enough that you look at professionals and try to imitate them. You have to ... Read More »

Which are the booming sports businesses to launch in 2020?

The sports industry has become one of the important sources of the economy, where sports betting contributed to a great extent. The biggest trends in sports businesses are seen in sports equipment store business, development of sports league management software, sports betting business, etc. Among these businesses, as per the business research, the sports betting business is the most appropriate ... Read More »

Why High Quality Basketball Uniforms Are Important For Your Sporting Spirits

Basketball is one of the major sports in America that is played in almost all states and cities. It has a huge fan following among the Americans, as it is one of those sports that is being played in the country from decades. It has an official American sports league named National Basketball Association (NBA), that features top Basketball players ... Read More »

Top 5 Games on the 2020 NFL Season Slate

The NFL’s Must-See TV Amid this global pandemic and dearth of sporting events, a must-see TV event would qualify as anything even remotely related to a competitive event featuring world-class athletes. But at some point, in the not too distant future (we hope) the king of North American sports will be taking center stage and the NFL will reign supreme. ... Read More »

Top 10 Greatest NFL Players Of All Time

Professional football is synonymous with all things American. The game is popular for its speed, teamwork, intensity and grit. While it may appear to be a colliding mass of people, the game also involves a lot of thinking and strategizing. Professional football is also known for its iconic players, who have been hugely popular for their exemplary skills and athleticism. ... Read More »

How did Kobe Bryant die?

In the preliminary investigations that took place, there were no reported signs of engine failure in the fiery helicopter crash that took lives of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna Bryant and seven others. Their friends and family managed to plan funerals and memorial services for them. According to the death certificate released by the Los Angeles Times, Bryant and Gianna ... Read More »

Top 10 UK Football Legends Of All Time

One of the most popular sports in United Kingdom, football is passionately followed by millions of fans in the country. Football has a rich history in UK, with records indicating that the sport was played in the country as far back as 12th century AD. Since the beginning of modern era football, UK has produced a number of top grade ... Read More »

Best Gym Machines to Help you Gain Weight

Just as gym machines and exercises can help people to lose weight; it can also help others to gain weight healthily. If you are looking to gain weight, we can lend you a helping hand. There are multi-joint exercises that stress a lot of muscle groups at the same time – precisely to gain weight quickly. Examples of these exercises ... Read More »

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