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Top 10 UK Football Legends Of All Time

One of the most popular sports in United Kingdom, football is passionately followed by millions of fans in the country. Football has a rich history in UK, with records indicating that the sport was played in the country as far back as 12th century AD. Since the beginning of modern era football, UK has produced a number of top grade ... Read More »

Best Gym Machines to Help you Gain Weight

Just as gym machines and exercises can help people to lose weight; it can also help others to gain weight healthily. If you are looking to gain weight, we can lend you a helping hand. There are multi-joint exercises that stress a lot of muscle groups at the same time – precisely to gain weight quickly. Examples of these exercises ... Read More »

Advantages of Digital Scoreboards in Sports

Previously, traditional dashboards required a little manpower, and often the numbers of scores were modified by mechanical technique or by reversal. For this reason, members of the committee of sports clubs playing at all levels have started to invest in electronic scoreboards which allow the marker to update the scoreboard via a console automatically. Not only that but with the ... Read More »

The Growth of Gaming Startups in India


There is no doubt that there is huge potential in the gaming market in India right now. Gaming is one of the main forms of entertainment in the country and it’s hugely popular, especially amongst the under 25s who are the largest demographic in the country. Software providers like online casino specialists NetEnt are providing the online gaming experiences that ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Intense Rivalries in Baseball

With millions of fans and often described as America’s pastime, Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is a highly competitive sport that’s full of surprises and nail-biting finishes. The game has enthralled audiences across the globe and has a glorious history dating back to more than a hundred years. While baseball is a limited-contact ... Read More »

T-10 Cricket: Win to play in New Zealand

The T-10 Cricket Tournament 2020 will be organized in India. All cities with 100+ teams to host the matches across the country. The winners will fly to New Zealand for a three-match series. Cricket is once again ready to prove its fan following on the world stage with an exciting cricket opportunity for the cricketers across India. The tennis ball T-10 ... Read More »

Top 5 NFL Rivalries Of All Time

One of the most popular sports in USA, American Football is known for its passion, aggression, hits and tackles. Another thing that makes the game interesting and battle-like is the intense rivalries. These rivalries draw the battle lines not only between teams and players, but among respective fans as well. It makes fans cheer even louder for their respective teams ... Read More »

India hosts Barca Academy Cup – Asia Pacific for 2nd Year in a row

Participation from 6 countries with over 700 young footballers Tournament date: January 30 – February 02, 2020 Venue: The Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurugram New Delhi, January 31, 2020: The pitches at Barca Academy, Gurugram situated at The Heritage Xperiential Learning School is reverberating with competitive action as over 700 young footballers representing 6 countries, 48 teams and 4 age ... Read More »

The Legality of Online Gambling Sites in India


2020 is here – a new decade. However, your need to make money hasn’t changed. So why not try online gambling sites? But wait… Are they even legal? Well, gambling in India is a grey area. Nonetheless, according to a report by Media Entertainment and Consulting Network, India is the largest and fastest-growing market for online gambling. By 2021, experts ... Read More »

Top 10 Rugby Legends Of All Time

One of the most popular sports in the world, Rugby is played in more than 100 countries. Officially referred to as Rugby union, the sport is known by various other names such as Rugger, Rugby XV, Union and even Football. However, Rugby is the most widely used term to describe the sport. Rugby is said to have originated in the ... Read More »

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