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Top 10 Rugby Legends Of All Time

One of the most popular sports in the world, Rugby is played in more than 100 countries. Officially referred to as Rugby union, the sport is known by various other names such as Rugger, Rugby XV, Union and even Football. However, Rugby is the most widely used term to describe the sport. Rugby is said to have originated in the ... Read More »

How do sports contribute to building the nation’s economy and relationships?

Whether it’s football, tennis, cricket or baseball, sport has always remained an important part of our lives. No matter if you’re a 4-year-old or a 50-year-old man, you can never deny when your friend calls you for a match. Sport implies to every form of physical exertion which is conducted in an organized manner. A daily jog is also covered ... Read More »

Why isn’t cricket a popular sport in the U.S.?

Americans do not fancy cricket as much as other countries do. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football. The fact that Americans play every other sport such as ice hockey, baseball, soccer, golf, and basketball, except cricket, bothers us a lot. Sports fan are always seen asking this question: Why isn’t cricket a popular sport ... Read More »

Top 10 Greatest Baseball Legends Of All Time

One of the most exciting games on the planet, Baseball has enthralled fans since many decades. Among the key contributors to the game’s popularity include some very talented baseball players, who went on to become legends owing to their unparalleled performance. If you love the game of baseball, you would certainly want to know more about the greatest players in ... Read More »

How to bet wisely on Kabaddi games?

Right after cricket if there is any popular sport in India, it has to be Kabaddi. From the rural areas to modern-day towns, Kabaddi is played by tons of people. Also, for the people who love betting, you can learn how to place bets on the game Kabaddi in the simplest way. Now, the overall reason behind the immense popularity ... Read More »

Why is online betting more popular than offline betting in the current time?

Well, we live in the digital world where things have started to run online. Either it’s online sports betting or selling of products, digitization seems to be the modern date trend. Therefore, if you are in online betting, you can visit 10cric India and reap some of the best betting information. Over the years, online sports betting have become more ... Read More »

Live Casinos In India – Now We Know The Secret Behind Its Popularity

games coin

Enjoying a thrilling session of gambling at a renowned casino is a beautiful experience. But what is even better is when you do it from the comfort of your home. The process is easy and simple and not much is required of you. You only have to do the following: Research and find a casino online that is licensed and ... Read More »

The true story behind Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s disappearance

Jonathan Taylor

This piece of article is about the biweekly analysis made about the former icon Jonathan Taylor Thomas who disappeared 15 years ago. The contemporary version of the 25years legendary love story of NALA and SIMBA that is the LION KING was released in theatres this year. But the anguish in the whole story is that young Simba is not featured ... Read More »

The Importance of Sports for Students of all ages

Every one of us views sports as a way to stay healthy and keep fit. However, its benefits have gone further including both physical and physiological benefits. Nowadays schools and institutions tend to focus more on the area of academics. Students actively do not participate in sports, especially college students. Let’s discuss the key role played by sports in a ... Read More »

A peek in to Yo-Yo test and the fitness standard of modern day cricketers

Cricket has transformed significantly in terms of fitness in past decade. Indeed, the contemporary cricketers are the most evolved both physically and mentally. In fact, it won’t be wrong to claim that the supreme level of fitness has diminished the importance of technical flawlessness to a great extent. Especially, the shorter format of the games has gone much more athletic, ... Read More »

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