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Friday , 23 August 2019
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How Long Will Your Favorite Gadget Last?


Some gadgets we like to change quite frequently whereas for others, we want them to last a long time. Have you ever wondered how long your favorite gadget is going to last? If yes, here’s a look at the average lifespan of some of the most popular gadgets that most of us use on a daily basis. Flat screen monitor: ... Read More »

How To Make Your Gadgets Last Longer

Everything comes with an expiry date and gadgets are no different. However, if you take proper care and follow recommended usage guidelines, you can significantly increase the working life of your latest electronic gadgets. This applies to a wide range of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, headphones, Bluetooth devices, digital camera, etc. Here are some tips and suggestions ... Read More »

Best ways to keep your Laptop from overheating

Many Laptop owners have experienced the overheating of laptop and it is pretty common as well. But this doesn’t imply that the machine has some serious issues because there are some ways to cool it down. Let’s look at some easy ways to keep your laptop from overheating: Check and clean the fans: Mostly laptops overheat because the fan on ... Read More »

Brave vs. Chrome: Which Browser is better?

brave vs chrome

Many viewers saw the introduction of Brave browser as a significant threat to Google Chrome. Developers say that Brave is trying to fix the Internet. It has created a buzz in the market by introducing a system that has ad trackers by default. This browser is fast, safe, secure and crypto-friendly. And Chrome has features packed with fun extensions. This ... Read More »

Best Waterproof Gadgets You Can Buy


The monsoon season is the time for the great outdoors, when you can enjoy the scenic views of lush greenery all around and soak in the rain. But wait, what about your latest electronic gadgets like your smartphone, earphones, tablets, etc.? Won’t they get totally destroyed in the rain? Well, they certainly will, but not if you invest in gadgets ... Read More »

How is implanted GPS system threatening our privacy?

The story of GPS or Global Positioning System dates back to 1970s when the US Department of Defense proposed inserting several satellites into the orbit that monitors a specific place always staying at a particular position. A bulk of present-day gadgets use GPS in one way or the other. Although it helps you to get around, mostly when you are ... Read More »

5 Android smartphone hacks that will change your life


Nowadays smartphones have gone to and advanced extent than ever. The android phones we are using nowadays has everything and pack features like dual-cameras, fingerprint lock screen, heart rate monitors, IR blaster and what not. You probably don’t have awareness about every hack that’s instilled in your smartphone. You’ve no idea what your phone could od for you. Mentioned below ... Read More »

Top apps that are best for people ailing with anxiety

4 Trends Shaping Mobile App Development in 2019

 It’s tough for many people to get their arms around this concept. So let’s talk about what it really is and how can you get help. Anxiety is an emotion marked by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure. Apparently, when these emotions become uncontrollable it is termed as “Anxiety disorder”. The crux of it ... Read More »

TECNO PHANTOM 9 debuts on Flipkart at INR 14999

techno phantom 9

The Flagship smartphone will be up for grabs starting 17th July at 12:00 noon Equipped with an In-display fingerprint sensor, Amoled screen, 6GB RAM & 32MP selfie camera is a game changer offering under sub 15k smartphone category  New Delhi, Tuesday, 16th July, 2019: Following the successful launch of the flagship ‘PHANTOM 9’ by TECNO, the global premium smartphone brand, TECNO Phantom 9 will go live ... Read More »

What is the difference between Celeron and Pentium Processor?


When we talk about computer applications, options will differ among users because people have different choice and needs. Fortunately, there are different kinds of processors, so you can choose the one that meets your requirement. Exclusively from Intel, there are two popular models of the computer processor. They are Celeron and Pentium processor with HT technology. There are 4 versions ... Read More »

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