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Machine Learning and AI is Supercharging the Modern Technology

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Today when we look around, we see how technology has revolutionized our world. It has created amazing elements and resources, putting useful intelligence at our fingertips. With all of these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, digital and fun. Perhaps at a point when we are talking about technology, Machine learning and artificial intelligence are increasingly popular ... Read More »

Can 5G Cause Cancer And Other Health Issues?

Every time a new technology is launched, questions are raised about its safety and health risks. Telecommunications technologies have witnessed significant criticism from skeptics over the years and we have seen it with 2G, 3G and 4G. The usual arguments are that humans have not been exposed to such type of radiation before and some studies have potentially linked radiation ... Read More »

How Apple Face ID Works

As mobile phones store all our personal and confidential data, manufacturers are always taking proactive steps to ensure effective security of these devices. Apple products are known for high-end security features, one of which is their advanced Face ID technology. Apple’s Face ID is currently available on iPhone X and above and iPad Pro models that come with A12X Bionic ... Read More »

5 tech platforms that offers support during Coronavirus outbreak

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The country has been exploring every step in their capacity to combat and contain the rapid spread of COVID -19. While it has set a good example in terms of dealing with crisis at initial stage itself, To fight the pandemic, several medtech companies have come forward and developed solutions, which can help in identifying the disease and take preventive ... Read More »

What Is Abandonware?

Abandonware is any old software, especially PC games, which no longer receive any updates or have active support. Although copyright rules still apply to these software programs, they are not enforced actively. As many people like to play old computer games, a number of websites have come up that allow people to download these abandonware for free. Here are some ... Read More »

How to Configure AOL App in Windows and iPhone?

Today’s generation is very much eager to know about the machinery. Whenever new techniques or some new model came they are very scorching to check them and lay one’s hands on them as soon as possible. Every time new model came in the market regarding laptop we all were very much curious to buy it but the most tedious work ... Read More »

What Benefits will 5G Bring to India and When Will it Arrive?

Since it was first announced that 5G would be launched around the world, companies have been exploring what this will enable them to do in terms of improving their services and processes. From driving work process efficiencies, to automating tasks and even driverless cars being developed, the possibilities are very promising. What are the main benefits of 5G? The biggest benefits ... Read More »

How does a Bluetooth headphone help you in daily life?

Most of the people are unaware of the advantages associated withBluetooth headsets. People believe these are only useful to receive calls while driving or when you don’t feel like pressing the phone against the ears. However, nowadays there have broadened their horizon and are used in different areas. Mentioned below are some examples which show how the Bluetooth Headphones have ... Read More »

How Bluetooth Works?

We all use Bluetooth almost every day, but do you know how it works? On the surface, it might seem that Bluetooth is just another communication platform built using the standard radio waves. However, if we delve deeper, we can see that there’s a lot more to it. For better understanding, let’s see in detail how Bluetooth works. How Bluetooth ... Read More »

What Is Planned Obsolescence?

Planned obsolescence is the practice of designing products in such a way that it becomes obsolete or unusable after a certain period of time. The primary objective of planned obsolescence is to encourage customers to buy a new product instead of continuing with the old one. This is done to boost sales and reduce the time period between two consecutive ... Read More »

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