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What to look for in a cutting edge childcare software

When you have decided to invest in a good child care management software, you have made a crucially beneficial decision that will put you in an effective competition with other child care businesses doing well out there. However, choosing a good child care management software can be a tricky thing to do if you do not know what to expect ... Read More »

Does an Apple Mac Laptop Make a Great Gift?

Could you or someone you know use a new computer? These devices make excellent gifts but it’s hard to know what kind of computer to get someone. After all, computers come in a wide variety of different sizes and specifications, not to mention price ranges. If you are gift-hunting and are interested in an all-purpose computer that will fit just ... Read More »

Guide for Mobile App Porting: iOS to Android or Vice Versa

Any business that wants to improve its branding and expand its consumer base, an online platform offers a huge opportunity. If you want to focus on providing highly personalized service to your customers, then having a mobile app is the best decision to leverage the reach of the Internet. However, for entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge they face when they are ... Read More »

10 Small But Important Things To Observe In 2d Animation

Tired of the typical animation you usually create? Want to make a difference and glorify your art? You are in the right place then as we have created a list of 10 small but important things to observe in 2D animation. Before taking a step ahead, if you are a beginner and want to create impactful and engaging content; you ... Read More »

The Best Handheld Mobile Computers For 2021

A mobile computer is a portable device that combines the functions of a computer and a scanner. This handheld device is used in manufacturing units to enhance the productivity of the workers. Mobile computers help them to perform their tasks faster, smarter, and in a better way. It comes in various shapes and sizes; some of the most popular types ... Read More »

Most Used Data Science Tools for Beginners

technology artificial intelligence ai

Revolutionary technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have a methodology and processes behind them – Data Science. There are a multitude of data science tools that have made implementing AI easier and more scalable. In this article, we will be discussing the most used tools for Data Science tools for beginners. The main advantage of using these tools is ... Read More »

AI Face/Off — Fawkes vs. NicOrNot

Facial acknowledgment, notwithstanding much fights and disturbing feelings by security advocates, looks set to become standard. Before the end of last month, a Wall Street Journal article archived the utilization of facial acknowledgment at sports arenas to encourage guests’ contactless passage. Over the previous years, security incapacitating apparatuses like Clear view AI have underlined the danger that abuse of facial ... Read More »

Latest advancement on radio diagnosis

Dr. Harsha Chadaga – Senior Consultant and Head of Radiology, Columbia Asia Radiology Group, Columbia Asia Hospitals Radiology has come a long way since the discovery of X-rays in 1895 and now has a central role in better diagnosis and monitoring of patient. The capabilities of medical imaging has seen rapid advancements in the last few decades due to constant ... Read More »

How Speed Of Light Is Measured?

Speed of light is constant, travelling at 299,792.458 km per second to be exact. While this is common knowledge, have you ever wondered how scientists actually measure speed of light? Well, you will be surprised to know that it took humanity several centuries before it was able to accurately measure speed of light. In earlier times, even prominent thinkers like ... Read More »

Does Anything Travel Faster Than Light?

To answer that question, we first have to understand what is light. Visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which comprises various other forms of energy such as microwaves, radio waves, X-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet radiation. All of these including visible light are made up of photons. The thing about photons is that they do not have any ... Read More »

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