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Sunday , 21 July 2019
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Top apps that are best for people ailing with anxiety

4 Trends Shaping Mobile App Development in 2019

 It’s tough for many people to get their arms around this concept. So let’s talk about what it really is and how can you get help. Anxiety is an emotion marked by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure. Apparently, when these emotions become uncontrollable it is termed as “Anxiety disorder”. The crux of it ... Read More »

TECNO PHANTOM 9 debuts on Flipkart at INR 14999

techno phantom 9

The Flagship smartphone will be up for grabs starting 17th July at 12:00 noon Equipped with an In-display fingerprint sensor, Amoled screen, 6GB RAM & 32MP selfie camera is a game changer offering under sub 15k smartphone category  New Delhi, Tuesday, 16th July, 2019: Following the successful launch of the flagship ‘PHANTOM 9’ by TECNO, the global premium smartphone brand, TECNO Phantom 9 will go live ... Read More »

What is the difference between Celeron and Pentium Processor?


When we talk about computer applications, options will differ among users because people have different choice and needs. Fortunately, there are different kinds of processors, so you can choose the one that meets your requirement. Exclusively from Intel, there are two popular models of the computer processor. They are Celeron and Pentium processor with HT technology. There are 4 versions ... Read More »

Identity Theft: What is it and how can you protect yourself?


Do you prefer paying your monthly bills online? Well, online payment is the most convenient way to make transactions. But, have you ever thought about the risk involved in online payment? Nowadays, most of our transactions take place online. To complete the transaction process, one needs to provide various personal information such as bank account details, credit/debit card details, phone ... Read More »

Mismanaged Servers is the Major Cause for Concern in India

cyber attack

: K7’s Cyber Risk Monitor Android Mobile Devices are Easy-to-Target for Cybercriminals  The pioneer of Indian Cyber Security segment, K7 Computing today released the findings of K7’s Cyber Risk Monitor (CRM) report, proving an insightful look into the complex cyber security landscape in India and recommendations that addresses both Enterprise and Consumer segments. The first Thread of K7’s Cyber Risk Monitor, the index ... Read More »

Dark Web Vs Deep Web: What’s the difference?

dark web deep web

Our generation is almost completely dependent on the internet, be it be shopping online, chatting, booking tickets or watching your favourite shows. We use it every day. But what we do not know is we are only using a part of the internet which is referred to as “Surface Web” or “Visible Web.” On the other hand, there is a ... Read More »

Cutting-edge technology of Artificial Intelligence for Cancer Detection

artificial intelligence for cancer detection

AI has induced the mass of technology driven people to gaze at and be astonished at the marvels that it has created in the field of cancer detection. Cancer that has been known to spread in the current era like fire in the forest has killed millions of people across the globe. And the reason to lament is that there ... Read More »

Chatbots: Everything you need to know about them

mobile chatbox

You must be wondering what this buzz on chatbot is all about? We hear such fancy words from tech savvies each day and wonder what they actually mean. So, put your reading glasses on, you are going to find out everything you need to know about them. What is a Chatbot? A Chatbot is a computer program capable of stimulating ... Read More »

How is the USA traffic monitoring system better than any other country?

InSync traffic system 1

The traffic system that the United States has implemented is the InSync adaptive traffic control system. This traffic system was developed by Rhythm Engineering. In this type of the system, the traffic signals adjust accordingly to the demand of the traffic by smartly using the intelligent transportation system. In the year, 2015, around 2300 traffic signals in the US were ... Read More »

CA Coaching at fingertips

atc app

New Delhi: Over the past decade there has been a significant rise in various education institutions all over India. All offering the best of the state-of-the-art facilities with regards to latest mediums of teachings, high trained teachers and staff. In fact, what seemed next to impossible once is now available with just touch of a fingertip. From banking, social, health ... Read More »

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