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Leaf blowers are machines that produce a flow of air with a well-determined wind speed to remove dead leaves, debris and all kinds of plant waste. There are different types of leaf blowers that you will find in the market. The main types are electric wire, battery and thermal machines. These machines are offered in a variety of styles, from ... Read More »

Here’s How Smartphones Helps to Predict the Forest Fire

Smartphones are our best friend in recent times as you can not only conduct many activities such as clicking pictures and calling your loved ones but even much more. Other than many mind-boggling tasks that you may be surprised that your mobile phone can do, many studies have also shown that it can predict the forest fire. Can’t believe what ... Read More »

How to make a robot car at home?

Robot cars are quite popular and cool among kids. Instead of buying expensive robot cars from the market, you can make one at home easily. It also allows you to be creative and to learn something new. Follow the steps mentioned below and you’re done! Build the Chassis The materials you’ll need to make this project successful are two wheels, ... Read More »

6 Best Earphones under 2000 Rs in India 2020

Sony MDR-XB50AP with Extra Bass Love the bass? Sony has something special for you. I am not a brand freak, but this earphone is awesome. The crystal clear and crisp sound that it delivers will make you buy it. Sony MDR-XB50AP also prevents the background noise from ruining your listening experience. This trendy headphone comes with a sleek and sophisticated ... Read More »

How to make a robot at home using waste material?

Ever thought that discarded materials could be used to make projects for your kids? The waste materials you have been throwing in the garbage can be used to make a robot for your child. Here is how you can do it: Items required A base to hold all the things together. For the base, waste materials such as cardboard, plastic ... Read More »

Most Popular Gadgets In 2019

shopping gadgets

You may want to buy the latest electronic gadgets, but it is possible that you are not sure exactly which one to purchase. If that is the case, you need to look at the most popular gadgets in 2019. It will give you a proper idea about what all you can buy and options that you can consider. To help ... Read More »

How can you fix the iPhone’s personal hotspot from going slow?

Speaking of fixing iPhone’s hotspot, let’s first understand what it is. So, the personal hotspot is a VPN app specifically designed to share your cellular data with other devices. But often the usage of Hotspot restricts the user from experiencing high-speed internet services. Not only it’s frustrating, but also it affects your efficiency, especially when working on tight schedules. Without ... Read More »

How Foldable Phones Work?

Foldable phones are yet to go mainstream, but they have generated immense interest among tech enthusiasts. After Samsung Galaxy Fold, several other foldable phones are expected to be launched such as Motorola Razr, Huawei Mate X, Energizer Mobile Power Max and TCL foldable phone. Reports indicate that Xiaomi, Oppo and LG are also working on their respective prototypes. So, what ... Read More »

Top 5 apps that are making the world a better place

mobile app

The surge in smartphone usage and better internet has led to development of apps for almost anything you would wish for. Thinking about helping the world become a better place, there are apps for that. You can do it from wherever you are and whatever you are doing, all you require is your mobile phone. Here is a list of ... Read More »


Easter came earlier this year for UK kids. Around 1 million UK school kids were provided with free BBC MICRO: BIT  as easter gift. Technology has become a part of almost everything in the world and mastering technical skills has become necessary for everyone especially children. Advancement in technology is at its amplifying and will keep on increasing every day. ... Read More »

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