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Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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Moto G5 Plus 1: Updates, specifications and a lot more!

Moto G5 Plus 1

This year’s hot g series is quite different from previous versions. With its all-metal design, the G5 is hot and the addition of the specific G5 thick G series. In addition, they are not alone, but with a bit better brother in the G5S and G5S plus types. Two families are almost identical but there are more things here. The ... Read More »

5 apps with night mode compatibility for your eye care

app engagement tricks

Over the last decade, owing to the increased penetration of smartphones in the country, millenials today are constantly glued to their mobiles and on an average spend close to three hours on apps daily.  The rise of the app culture is definitely a bonus for consumers today as they have access to an aspirational lifestyle, however, on the flip side ... Read More »

This Is The Most Downloaded Mobile App In 2018

If we ask the question which is the most downloaded app in 2018, most people would suggest names like YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It’s true that these popular apps are downloaded quite frequently, but if we look at 2018 stats, there’s a completely new entry – Tik Tok. What is even more surprising is that the most downloaded ... Read More »

Canon India brings ‘Streaming Frames’; unique countrywide on-field professional cinematography trainings for WEB

Canon C200 Camera

Canon India, one of the leaders in the imaging space, is committed to march on with its pursuit of strengthening the imaging culture in the country. As an outreach to nurture and enhance the passion for cinematography among aspiring film makers, the organization today announced its latest inititiative ‘Streaming Frames’. A unique series of extensive on shoot training by professional ... Read More »

Best 5 apps for parlor services

parlour apps

Tiring work schedules and duties at home leaves no time for personal grooming. But this is the 21st century and there is no need for you to worry about personal care. Just pick up your phone and download an app for beauty services! No need to travel to the parlor or hassle with the parlor lady to get an appointment. ... Read More »

Top Benefits of Taxi Booking Application for drivers and customers

5. AppsFlyer Team

Life in 21st century has become very fast. The introduction of smartphones and the pool of apps available have changed the way we lead our lives now, making it simpler than before. Today we think of anything and there is an app related to it to help us. Earlier getting a cab/ taxi was a tedious job; you had to ... Read More »

6 Best Practices of Mobile App Development

app development

These days, the plight of mobile app developers is challenging. On one hand, mobile application development is a space full of opportunities with an array of new devices and technologies redefining the ways entrepreneurs do business and interact with customers. On the other hand, this landscape spikes up new development questions such as: What devices and operating systems to target? ... Read More »

Why can’t you put your Smartphone down?

mobile old man holding

“Why can’t you put your smartphone down?” How often have you heard this question (which is more like a command to put your smartphone down) from your mom and dad? How often have your girlfriend snapped at you for not listening to her when she’s talking because of your damned smartphone? And how often have you been mentally absent from ... Read More »

3 Board Games to Refresh your Drained Day

Game Development Company

Humans are counted as the busiest creature on the earth and we are getting more engaged day by day. But, there comes a time, when it becomes very hard to kill your time and this gets converted into boredom at the highest level. Board Games are always there to destroy the boredom and entertain you in a very classic way. ... Read More »

The internet and Education in the Developing World

teacher student classroom

WiFi is an important factor in the student’s lives throughout America, it is the key to success for students in today’s modern society. As modern technology is continually expanding and evolving, classrooms should have all the technology available to allow students thrive academically in school. Technology allows students to access more sources like Google, and use  more credible and more ... Read More »

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