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2021 Healthcare Cyber Security Priorities

automation security

Data in a healthcare organization is constantly created, replicated, modified, moved around, and disseminated, leaving it exposed to cyber threats. Unlike other industries, the cybersecurity in the healthcare industry is chronically underinvested and outdated. The lack of security framework invites several cyber-attacks & can cause some serious damage. Some of the most common threats faced by the healthcare industry are: ... Read More »

What is the Difference B/w Netgear EAX20 and Linksys RE6300 wifi Extender?

What is wi-fi boosters? An wi-fi booster is also called wifi extenders. However, generally people are referring to WiFi boosters when they want to improve the performance of a wireless network, and Internet boosters when they want to improve the performance of a wired Internet access. In either case, these signal boosters assist you in extending the range of your ... Read More »

How to build a voice messaging app? – Step-by-step explanation

Today’s quick virtual lifestyle is responsible for the unconditional popularity that voice chat apps are attracting. An efficient and well-structured voice app provides us with a hassle-free communication ecosystem. Have you been thinking about building an app lately? We can help. In this article, we shall discuss a detailed guide on the creation of your voice chat app. Popular voice ... Read More »

Pivotal Pieces of Equipment for Commercial Photography

In this digital era, the need for commercial photography in every realm is increasing. Whether it’s corporate photography or product photography, for prospering in today’s epoch, companies must follow the latest photography trend. Nowadays, customers attract more towards the business that is socially present. Commercial photography plays a pivotal role in alluring customers towards the business. It means companies require ... Read More »

8 Ransomware Prevention Strategies for Healthcare Providers

Shridar Subramanian, CMO at Arcserve  With cyber-attacks continuing to evolve and increase, healthcare providers need to look at how they can prevent their organization from suffering the damages that result from ransomware. The following are some ransomware prevention strategies that healthcare providers should consider to keep both company and patient data safe. Filter Inbound Emails: There are lots of choices for ... Read More »

How to Set Up Your Dream PC Gaming Lair

Every gamer has a Lair. Regardless of whether it’s a room or a mysterious man-cavern, a gaming nest is a place where you make the most of your #1 zombie shooters and RPGs. It must have the appropriate highlights that can truly make for a definitive gaming experience. In any case, very much like some other undertaking, making a gaming ... Read More »

Best CCTV cameras to secure your home under Rs 2,000

Over the years, CCTV cameras have emerged as the most preferred device for securing any premises, irrespective of whether it’s residential or commercial. The role of CCTV cameras is even more significant when it comes to home security. There are often reports of burglars, vehicle thieves and intruders getting caught on camera. This has become possible only because of widespread ... Read More »

9 Factors to Consider While Selecting the Right Cloud Service Provider

As more and more IT systems are outsourced, zeroing in the best cloud providers is critical to long-term success. The market is already vast, with different brands offering large numbers of services. Apart from the big providers like Microsoft, Amazon and Google, there are also smaller niche players, who provide bespoke services. With too many choices to opt from, you ... Read More »

VoIP for Remote Work During the pandemic

A few weeks ago, we had difficulty believing that companies will switch to remote work. Unfortunately, the worsening of the COVID-19 situation did not leave them many choices, and the majority of the population currently no longer have access to offices. So how can we keep the business running when everyone is home? Some jobs depend primarily on meetings and ... Read More »

What Are Insider Threats in Cyber Security

Here is all you need to know about insider threats and what they are, how they operate, the common types and how to protect your organization. Insider threats are a major and increasing problem for organizations, as the human factor is often the most difficult to control and predict when it comes to data security and protection. With digitization, the ... Read More »

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