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Wednesday , 7 December 2016
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Now Reliance Jio to introduce low-priced 4G VoLTE smartphone at Rs 1,000


When every telecom company was earning handsome money  and enjoying market of internet services, the Reliance made it a real difficult by launching the free internet in shape of lucrative 4G offers. Now this is another strategy of Reliance Jio to introduce very much low priced 4G enabled smartphone. It may be seen as the long preparation for market acquisition. ... Read More »

Google Rolls Out its Smart Messaging App ‘Allo’


Google, known for its innovative practices has recently launched a smart messaging app— Google Allo. This app has been launched worldwide and is accessible to both Android and iOS smartphone users. The exceptional features of this messaging app make it stand out as the most promising app in the market today. Here is a Glimpse into Google Allo’s Novel Features— ... Read More »

Now You Can Chat Online Without the Internet- Thanks to Firechat App!


Messaging apps are a great way to stay in touch with your near and dear ones; however, the thought of running out of internet data and the fear of exceeding your data usage plan often forbid you from enjoying the luxury of staying connected with your friends and family 24×7. However, the good news is that now you can relax ... Read More »

Doubting if you have developed cancer? Your smartphone has the answer


Technology is ever evolving and every day we see newer technologies and discoveries which makes us wonder ‘How is it even possible?’ Kudos to those people who never fail to amaze us with their innovation and creative thinking. One such landmark period in the history of mankind was the invention of smartphones; making our day-to-day lives smarter and entertaining. But ... Read More »

Snapchat – A marketing maverick


The use of the instant messaging service, Snapchat, is growing rapidly among adolescents. Snapchat has surprisingly become a very interesting social network, not only for users but also for the brands that have started exploring its many features for increased engagement and new creative directions. It has built a new kind of mobile-focused marketing that combines focused engagement, playful creativity, ... Read More »

Know about Pokemon Go

newspatrolling pokemon go

Today is the first day I’m able to speak in public about my experience with Pokemon GO. It’s been about a week and a half since I first started playing in the Field Test – very similar to the Beta most people were playing (likely identical) – and it’s time to let loose. This game is fantastic. Not in the ... Read More »

Apple Launches iOS 10 beta version for Everyone : Here are the things you need to know


Two days after presenting the second beta for developers of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, Apple on July 7, 2016 announced the launch of its public beta program for future updates. That simply means Apple is letting anyone with an iPhone check out iOS 10. As we already mentioned that iOS 10 Beta is available to anyone who is having ... Read More »

Why the OnePlus 3’s ‘handy’ Alert Slider is actually its worst feature


Features the iPhone has going for it is that super handy Side Switch. Used to quickly toggle mute/ring functions on the phone, it’s one of the few hardware features Android OEMs have failed to imitate on their own devices, oddly enough. The Alert Slider is straight  The exception to this being OnePlus and their “Alert Slider” which can be found ... Read More »

Android 7.0 ‘ N ‘ Hidden features


1. Custom DPI: In the previous versions of android users needed to root their devices so that they can set up the custom DPI, but in Android N you can do that without rooting the device.To set your custom DPI for the display go to the Display settings on your device and then select the Display size option from there.You ... Read More »

Panasonic ELUGA Note launched in India; targets youth with feature packed smart phones

penasonic eluga note

Panasonic Eluga Note smartphone with 5.5-inch display has been launched at Rs 13,290. Panasonic Eluga Note smartphone has been launched by the company in India priced at Rs 13,290. Panasonic’s new Eluga Note will be available across platforms for sale. Eluga Note features a 5.5-inch Full HD IPS LTPS display and 16 megapixel rear camera with triple LED flash and ... Read More »

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