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Thursday , 19 October 2017
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Dew Arena

Mountain Dew announced the Dew Arena Gaming Championship 2017 six months ago where gamers from 300 cities and 125 locations in India participated. Finally on 1st October 2017, the gaming finale concluded with a groundbreaking event which set a benchmark for the gaming events in India. PepsiCo, the company concluded the event swiftly as they handed over the prize cheques ... Read More »

This Bosch GO screwdriver is making waves; Know Why

Bosch has always been at the forefront of technology innovations in various areas such as consumer goods, mobility solutions, and industrial technology. If we talk about consumer goods, Bosch has provided a wide range of household appliances and power tools that have made life easier for millions of households. Keeping up with its legacy of providing the best and most ... Read More »

Now, a software that can help avoid future accidents

In a bid to avoid future accidents, a team of researchers has developed first-of-its-kind computer algorithms that can accurately determine when a driver is texting or engaged in other distracting activities while driving. According to the University Of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, the system uses cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect hand movements that deviate from normal driving behaviour ... Read More »

How to Clean the Touchscreen of your Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphones these days have mostly touch screen as display and all the tablets have the touch screen as display. While using smartphone or tablet there is a common issue of cleaning its touchscreen. It is very easy to clean the touchscreen of smartphone or tablet but a lot of things should be kept in mind. We here got what to ... Read More »

Rescuer – women safety app

In response to the recent incidents of crime perpetrated against women in India, Asscento Systems, a Mobile App development start-up, based in Chennai (India), announces the launch of “Rescuer” a new, women safety mobile app for free downloads. When feeling threatened, this App comes in handy; a TAP of a button or just your voice is good enough for the ... Read More »

‘Blue Whale’ game snuffs out another life

In yet another incident, a class 10 student hailing from West Bengal allegedly committed suicide by suffocating himself on Saturday, following instructions on the infamous ‘Blue Whale’ online game. The incident took place in Anandpur town of West Midnapore district when 14-year-old Ankan covered his head with a plastic bag tied tightly around his neck with a nylon cord and ... Read More »

Top 7 Mac Data Recovery Tools

Just like Windows computer, even the Mac computer can lose data when it gets corrupted. Once, the Mac gets corrupted you will lose all the data. There is plenty of data recovery software for Windows but the same can’t be when one is using Mac because it is a more sophisticated system that requires a high level of recovery tools. ... Read More »

REVIEW: Dromos Bluetooth Tracker

Lost & Found …within no time at all! We all love the electronic gadgets and the convenience they bring to our lives. And in search of conveniences, we end up purchasing multiple such utility gadgets. Before we even realize, our house has turned into a mini showroom of modern electronics gadgets. But all this convenience counts for nothing when the ... Read More »

WhatsApp has 1 billion daily active users globally

The monthly active users of Facebook-owned WhatsApp are over 1.3 billion and it supports 60 languages globally. Over 4.5 billion photos are shared around the world on WhatsApp every day. The introduction of video call, Status (Posts that disappear after 24 hours), two-step verification security and a revamp in design has helped WhatsApp attract more users since last year when ... Read More »

A tech to trace your missing ‘smart’ wallet

Ever experienced the double whammy of losing your wallet and your phone? Well, Cuir Ally is coming to the rescue of those unlucky enough to lose both at one go. The Chennai-based startup has devised solutions by which one can locate one’s possession using bluetooth or radio frequency identification (RFID) tech nology. For customers like Ankit in Delhi it proved ... Read More »

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