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Thursday , 27 April 2017
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WhatsApp Update: Apple iPhone Users Can Now Use Siri to Read Out Latest Messages

Users of Apple Iphone  are in for a treat with the latest Whats App update. On Friday, WhatsApp released update (v2.17.2) for iPhone users which includes some visual changes to the app and also gives Siri the ability to read the latest WhatsApp messages. In totality, the update includes 4 changes made to the app. First, visual enhancements have been ... Read More »

Telecom operators and internet firms urge TRAI for resolution on accountability

Telecom operators and internet firms have drawn battle lines over who should be held accountable in case a consumer faces problem or restriction  in accessing content or services over the internet. While echoing their demand for imposing ‘same service’ same rules’ on apps like Whats app and Hike, the telecom operators have suggested that sector regulator TRAI should consider bringing ... Read More »

WhatsApp and Facebook may see ban in Kashmir Valley

After carrying 4G and 3G services banned in Kashmir Valley, the state government is now expected to prohibit WhatsApp and Facebook in impending days. On Monday, 3G and 4G services are barred across the state in view of stopping videos and pictures of alleged murders by security forces which are like viral flowing to everyone via the internet. In past ... Read More »

BHIM App – you must know about it

To boost the digital payment usage, Modi led government launched BHIM app in last year. As per the data, by now the BHIM App is downloaded by almost 18 million users. The App was launched in December 2016, and during the short time, the app made it big. Now privacy activists have come up with doubt that the app is ... Read More »

Using a thumbprint is no longer a sign of illiteracy, it’s a sign of power, PM Narendra Modi says

Today, after the launch of BHIM – Aadhar service in nagpur today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced a reward of Rs 10 for every time a user of the Bhim app successfully refers the app to someone else. “Ifyou add aperson to the BHIM app, after 3 transactions by the person, Rs 10 will be added to your account, ... Read More »

How to Determine The Best 5 Business Laptops in 2017

Whatever your work is, you will absolutely need a laptop, something to arrange your work and files, send your emails, connect you with others and go with you wherever you go. However, it is difficult to choose which kind of laptops you need, and which fits your budget and ambitions more than other. There are many features that differentiate a ... Read More »

Google Launches YouTube Go Beta Version in India

Today Google declared beta version of YouTube Go in India.  Now from Google Play Store the beta version can be downloaded. In past year, Google had disclosed about its planning to launch YouTube Go Beta version for Indian market and eventually Google made it available in India.  Google at present launched the beta version of YouTube Go and once the ... Read More »

What’s this new rocket icon on Facebook? Is WhatsApp launching digital payment service in India?

For some Facebook users on iOS and Android, it was a surprise to find a new rocket icon. Clicking on the rocket icon displays a second News Feed that appears to be a hybrid creation, involving a mix of Taboola ads and Snapchat’s Discover tab. Interestingly, the second News Feed that shows up displays videos, stories and other content from ... Read More »

mPoint – A revolutionary new product for cashless transactions across India

The debate over cash or cashless may continue, but one thing is sure that the future is certainly going to be digital. Going cashless may not be all that difficult, especially with increased use of mobile devices and internet connectivity. If you believe cashless is the future and are looking for a simple, safe and secure product that will let ... Read More »

Top Reasons for Choosing Techmagnate for Your Web Designing Needs

You may be aware that a website is essentially a tool to create the desired first impressions on the target audience. Whether it’s an idea, a product or service, or a brand, positive perceptions can only be created with the right kind of website. So, how does one achieve perfection in website design? Well, if you are looking for such ... Read More »

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