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Normal USB Cable Vs OTG Cable: What is the difference

usb vs otg cable

In the modern era of computer and laptops USB is a very common term. USB or if we expand it “universal serial bus”, is a boon to the technological world, it helped to overcome the previous problem of connecting various devices with each other. But now even if we want to charge our phone or connect it with our laptop, ... Read More »

Best Mobile Accessories Online Under Rs 500

If you are looking to derive the best experience from your smartphone, you will have to invest in a few mobile accessories. These are readily available online and there’s a wide variety of brands to choose from. Even when you have a low budget, you can easily acquire the most useful mobile accessories. Let’s take a look at some of ... Read More »

What is a ring light and why should you use it?

Have you ever considered how a majority of the attractive photos as well as recordings which you see every day are adequately bright and also of high standard? Even after considering everything, on the off chance have you ever felt that they must be using a top notch camera? Then you certainly are off of the base. The video makers ... Read More »

Best Gadgets For Diwali Under Rs 2000

shopping gadgets

Diwali is fast approaching, so it’s time to think about stuff that you can buy for yourself or your loved ones. Latest electronic gadgets are currently the preferred gifting option, as they are very useful in our daily lives. Let’s take a look at some gadgets that you can buy under Rs 2000. Fitness band: This is a great help ... Read More »

Best Gadgets To Gift During Festive Season


The festive season is around the corner and it’s time you started thinking about the gifts that you can give to your loved ones. Gifts are a great way to express your love and affection and the festive season provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationships. Here are some cool gifts that you can buy this festive season. For ... Read More »

Must-Have Camera Accessories For Photography Enthusiasts

One of the most sought after latest electronic gadgets in today’s times is a digital camera. However, a digital camera in itself may not be enough, especially for photography enthusiasts who wanttheir photos to be no less than flawless artworks. To ensure that their photos are truly mesmerizing, photography enthusiasts need to invest in some gadgets such as digital camera ... Read More »

Futuristic Gadgets That You Can Buy Now : With advancements in technology, new gadgets are being launched on a regular basis. Most people love gadgets and owing to the huge demand for latest electronic gadgets, manufacturing companies are always trying to create something new and more useful. Here we look at some advanced gadgets that look futuristic and fictional, but are actually available in the market. ... Read More »

Best ways to keep your Laptop from overheating

Many Laptop owners have experienced the overheating of laptop and it is pretty common as well. But this doesn’t imply that the machine has some serious issues because there are some ways to cool it down. Let’s look at some easy ways to keep your laptop from overheating: Check and clean the fans: Mostly laptops overheat because the fan on ... Read More »

Best Waterproof Gadgets You Can Buy


The monsoon season is the time for the great outdoors, when you can enjoy the scenic views of lush greenery all around and soak in the rain. But wait, what about your latest electronic gadgets like your smartphone, earphones, tablets, etc.? Won’t they get totally destroyed in the rain? Well, they certainly will, but not if you invest in gadgets ... Read More »

5 Android smartphone hacks that will change your life


Nowadays smartphones have gone to and advanced extent than ever. The android phones we are using nowadays has everything and pack features like dual-cameras, fingerprint lock screen, heart rate monitors, IR blaster and what not. You probably don’t have awareness about every hack that’s instilled in your smartphone. You’ve no idea what your phone could od for you. Mentioned below ... Read More »

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