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How to speed up a WordPress website?

website speed

Your wordpress website is slow you must try this free plugin must help to speed up your website. Why you should increase website speed? When your website speed is good automatically bounce rate becomes less and visitor increasing your website CTR  rate also crawler easily find you in SERP (search engine result page). And the other advantage is that ... Read More »

Install McAfee Antivirus with McAfee Product Key

mac antivirus

Putting in McAfee antivirus is an easy venture that takes only some mins. we’ve ensured that the antivirus is short to put in and with none hassle. This web page will help you in installing and activating your antivirus the proper manner. we can additionally assist you to install the antivirus And then activate with the right settings and ... Read More »

Best Rainmeter Software Free – Must Try

rain meter

What is Rainmeter Rainmeter is a brand of windows theme which has decorated with a selection of the HD wallpaper and amazing programming languages answerable for designing your system information from a place called the first screen. Using Rainmeter your all windows functionality will become easier and moderately simpler by showing all momentous information. Sticking with the Rainmeter users have ... Read More »

Everything you need to know about Erangle Map in Pubg

pub g

Erangle Map in Pubg is not a small map, even if you play this game over 100 times. However, sometime this map might feel like second to nature to you. The designs of buildings are quite similar and with trees all around you might get lost easily in the map. On top of this, if you land in a location ... Read More »

The Home Printing Helper – Choosing The Right Printer

printer office

It can be easy for a large office to make a decision about printer purchases but it is a little more complicated for the household user. The former usually has access to a wider variety of options that fit within a larger budget. For the household user, however, one should be looking for a printer and inkjet cartridges using a ... Read More »

Some top surprising facts about iPhones!!!

Apple iPhone

Since the iPhone has emerged in the market, they have changed the market of smartphones completely. Are you considering buying an Apple iPhone for yourself? If yes, then here is an advice for you. It is a great idea to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 plus rather than buying a brand-new iPhone. This will help you in saving a huge ... Read More »

Low and slow: avoiding AV by flying under the radar

web application firewall

Not every hacker is created equal. You have the professional criminal, the whiz kid hacker, and the teenager who found a hacking tool online and attacked your company “for lulz”. Each type has their own tools, techniques, and levels of experience. In order to be secure, your company needs to be able to identify and block them all. One of ... Read More »

Increase your Phone Memory by Clearing out Unknown Numbers

mobile app

It seems like everyone holds on to the phone numbers from unknown callers. Some of these may even come with a voicemail that gives little information. Some callers leave vague voicemails in hopes that you will call back to find out what is going on. This may end up being someone you do not want to talk to, like a ... Read More »

Want to print a calendar? Here are some tips

Want to print a calendar_ Here are some tips

For any business, a calendar is a great and popular tool for marketing. They especially give contracts to print a holiday calendar, and they have pretty good reasons for that: Brands usually give out a free calendar, and most people will use them. Everyone requires a calendar. It gives the brand a great way to promote their services as they ... Read More »

Security Against Key less Car Theft

car gps tracker

Manufacturers have been implementing onboard vehicle tracking systems to the automobiles making them more difficult to slip, but the newest crime wave — keyless automobile theft — disclosed that car keys are the weakest link in the automobile safety chain. It goes to show how severe the key less automobile theft issue is. Luxurious Automobile owners have every right to ... Read More »

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