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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Live Video Streaming Platforms in Trend

live streaming in

India has seen a sudden rise in the video space where people are using existing and trending platform to make their content viral, brands have been using these platforms for promotional purposes. However, there is a new untapped brand and influencer the opportunity that needs to be tapped in the form of Live Video Streaming. Live video streaming is a way ... Read More »

From PCOs/ STDs to smartphones: Technologies that changed from 90s to the 2000 era


Nostalgia hits whenever the 90s are remembered. Along with the change in our lifestyles, technologies have changed too. A lot of things have changed around us. Especially, for the 90s kids, things have taken a drastic turn now. While we were young cell phones weren’t even introduced into the market and now every school going kid possess a smartphone. Let ... Read More »

Know more about plasma, the 4th state of matter

plasma, the 4th state of matter

Matter does not just exist in the states of solid, liquid or gas. There is also a fourth fundamental state of matter, plasma. Generally, plasma is thought to be similar to or as a subset of gas. However, in reality, both these states behave extremely different. Just like gas, plasma also does not have a fixed volume or shape and ... Read More »

Blockchain Technology: The future of finance in the world

block chain technology

The revolution in digital media has transformed the finance industry a lot. Computers were earlier being used to generate databases, then web pages, and now mobile phone apps have been created by the financial institutions for the convenience of the users. The banks still follow a very complicated procedure even to carry out a simple transaction such as sending money ... Read More »

Get IPL Live Score On The Go With FanCode

ipl live score

Die-hard cricket crazy fans will no doubt want to spend the entire IPL season at home, watching their favourite players in action and enjoying the exciting ups and downs of the matches. Some lucky people are able to realize this dream, but for many, there’s the usual problem of getting stuck at work, meetings, or worse still, in heavy traffic. ... Read More »

Sportsbook software offers bookies with the right tools

bookie software

Bookies across the globe have been trying to adopt the latest technology to increase their access to online sports betting and enjoy more profits and income. Sportsbook software has been launched quite some time back in the market and right from its inception has managed to win the hearts of the sports enthusiasts and the bookies. Such software is said ... Read More »

Smart Mobility Solutions

auto tech

There were the good old cycle rickshaw days, where the rickshaw could be hailed almost from the doorstep and would always drop one back at the doorstep. This would mostly happen in the small towns or in lesser developed cities. Then came the auto rickshaws and then the e-rickshaws. Mostly we can’t hail them from our doorstep and many a ... Read More »

Install McAfee Antivirus with McAfee Product Key

mac antivirus

Putting in McAfee antivirus is an easy venture that takes only some mins. we’ve ensured that the antivirus is short to put in and with none hassle. This web page will help you in installing and activating your antivirus the proper manner. we can additionally assist you to install the antivirus And then activate with the right settings and ... Read More »

Some top surprising facts about iPhones!!!

Apple iPhone

Since the iPhone has emerged in the market, they have changed the market of smartphones completely. Are you considering buying an Apple iPhone for yourself? If yes, then here is an advice for you. It is a great idea to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 plus rather than buying a brand-new iPhone. This will help you in saving a huge ... Read More »

What Makes Travel Technology Company Need Of The Hour ?

travel and technology

The travel sector is exhibiting immense achievements year by year. With the changes in lifestyle of people they are taking interest in wandering around the places. Ultimately a huge income is getting spend on higher travel which made this industry more fruitful. The advancement in travel brought forward the need for fast and responsive tecnology. This can be possible only ... Read More »

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