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Friday , 20 January 2017
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5G is the next big innovation after electricity


Qualcomm has launched its fifth generation (5G) Snapdragon 835 chip which they believe can bring in the next industrial revolution that the invenion of electricity or automobile has brought in. Qualcomm CEO Stephen Mollenkopf said at the launch that this 5G processor can make phones smaller, lighter and faster, but it is not just another innovation that is a step ... Read More »

Google refuses to censor Jihad preacher’s video


In a surprising move Google has refused to censor of block the videos of radical Islamic preacher who has been accused of influencing the terrorists who conducted the 7/7 London bombings and also the Orlando nightclub shooting that resulted in the deaths of 45 and injuries to another 49.   Anwar Al Awlaki has been dubbed as the pied piper ... Read More »

BHIM app launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an eye on UP elections – Keeping an eye on the fast approaching Uttar Pradesh elections in 2017, the BJP led government has launched the Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app. The app has been named after the father of the Indian constitution, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who was also described as a great economist by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The app was launched by ... Read More »

Top 5 Apps that run without internet


Internet has become a vital part of our lives especially in the cities. Sometimes, the situation becomes very uncomfortable without internet and it might happen anywhere—be it airport, underpass or various other part of cities. Although mobile data and Wi-Fi are easier to come by than ever, there are still times (on holiday, the end of the month) when you ... Read More »

Bots let your advertised videos be watched by 300 million times 


 Automated bots designed by hackers can get your advertised videos over 300 million views. Yes, this is actually happening to major sports networks like ESPN. This was revealed by White ops, a leading digital security firm. Their research has suggested that these hackers are earning over $3.9 million dollars a day from these activities. White Ops has said that the operation to ... Read More »

Russia blocks access to LinkedIn


LinkedIn is well known as business and employment-oriented social networking website. Company started was founded in year December 12, 2002, but before it completes 14 years this 12th December, LinkedIn got bad news from Russia, as Russia has blocked the access to LinkedIn. Over this news U.S. government said today that it was intensely concerned over Russia’s decision to block public access ... Read More »

Google Announces YouTube Go— a Data-friendly Version of YouTube for Indian Market


Slow internet connection often causes connectivity issues such as constant buffering which is one of the greatest obstacles preventing users from utilizing YouTube’s services to the fullest. In order to combat poor internet connection, tech giant Google has recently announced a novel version of world’s biggest video sharing app YouTube. YouTube Go, the data-friendly version of YouTube will be launched ... Read More »

PSDtoHTMLCloud – The rising star in web & app development


“Business @ the speed of thought”, wrote Bill Gates, which explains the success formula for companies operating in the digital space. PSD to HTML Cloud is one such company that understands the importance of top quality work, innovation, timely delivery and value addition, and their impact on client’s business. Having started operations in 2013, PSD to HTML Cloud has achieved ... Read More »

How will 5G Change the Lives of Common Man ?


4G is something that is accessible in many parts of the world now. Most of the people living in towns and metros have now become familiar to use 4G speeds on their devices. But still there are cities in this world where even 3G and 2G have not reached yet. Still, the world is hungry for more speed and that’s ... Read More »

Why the OnePlus 3’s ‘handy’ Alert Slider is actually its worst feature


Features the iPhone has going for it is that super handy Side Switch. Used to quickly toggle mute/ring functions on the phone, it’s one of the few hardware features Android OEMs have failed to imitate on their own devices, oddly enough. The Alert Slider is straight  The exception to this being OnePlus and their “Alert Slider” which can be found ... Read More »

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