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Saturday , 17 November 2018
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Artificial intelligence driving a major share of brand marketing campaigns

impact of artificial intelligence on legal sector newspatrolling

Over 65% of Social Frontier’s clients focusing on data-driven marketing solutions Social Frontier (SF), the Bangalore-based technology company assisting brands with data-driven solutions, has witnessed some interesting trends in brand marketing techniques post the festive season. Almost 65% of its clients running paid performance campaigns have been focusing more on data-driven marketing strategies. Backed by technology and results, Social Frontier ... Read More »

Benefits of WordPress as an effective CMS tool

Benefits of Wordpress as an effective CMS tool

What started as a simple blogging podium has turned itself into the most accessed CMS tool to create and operate website ancontent.Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about WordPress. It serves to host your several key factors. For instance, it is rich in providing access to its users and serves to gain you the attention you need as ... Read More »

Best Five Features of the iPhone X You Need to Know

iphone x

I was one of those crazed Apple fans who remained in lines in January to get the most current iPhone (X) demonstrate forthright. Furthermore, I’m not afraid to concede that I have gorged on each Apple item as far back as Steve Jobs presented the primary iPod. At first, the costly expense of Apple gadgets appeared an issue. Be that ... Read More »

Best Windows Spy Software to Track Dishonest Employees

spy software to track employees

TheOneSpy has one of the best computer monitoring solutions and probably windows spy software is the best employee spy software of all time.  No matter if you want to track windows laptops and desktop PCs of your employees you can do it within no time. You can spy on your employees in a sneaky or an open way and get ... Read More »

How Mobile Technology is changing the Face of Education Sector

online study mobile study

Mobile Technology has and will to continue to changes in all the business industries. Just like the role and importance of technology in each sector of life no one can deny the importance of mobile mobile technology in the education sector. Mobile Technology is flourishing and it is playing a great job in the education field also. In fact mobile ... Read More »

How to Train Employees On The Risk Of Cyber Crime

business deal businness deals

The biggest threats companies are facing these days are not physical. In fact, cyber attacks are the single biggest business risk in today’s digital world. These attacks are increasing exponentially as time progresses. And they are becoming more sophisticated in the process. Global cybercrime cost the world more than $100 billion in 2013. In 2015, the cost had increased several ... Read More »

Nanoscience as an advanced technology in the field of ovarian oncology

ovarian oncology

Nanotechnology has redesigned several aspects to the existing challenges in treating the Ovarian Cancer detection along with providing with precision therapeutics technological treatments.  Nanotechnology improves the untraced biomarkers creating new possibilities to enhance imaging and personalized care.  Furthermore, the low dissolution factor of the chemotherapeutic drugs can be overmined by the usage of nanotechnology especially in treating ovarian cancer which ... Read More »

Polymeric nanofibers in Ex Vivo Tissue Models

nano porosity

The properties including growth, differentiation and cellular organization in an open-end environment outside our body can be approached by the method of ex vivo tissue engineering. These templates can be directly used to assess the tissue model for proper pharmacokinetic property and drug screening assays as mimicking implants or extracorporeal devices. Electrospun fibers are a leading class of polymeric materials ... Read More »

81% Indians feel that their smartphone doesn’t have all the features that they need

mobile app Study  ~ Consumer Insights Study 2018 by 21% users have said that waterproofing is the most desired feature in smartphones 1 out of 4 Indians face battery degradation as the most common problem in smartphones A whopping 23% smartphone users visit service centre once a year in India OnePlus is the most recommended smartphone by its current users ... Read More »

7 Real Life Applications of Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce

AI application in india

The internet is a huge mine filled with all kinds of data, and fishing out exactly what we want can sometimes prove to be a really daunting task. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, finding relevant information online has become that much simpler.  AI technology has the ability to read and understand various types of data and then also make practically use ... Read More »

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