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Wednesday , 25 April 2018
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How to Succeed At Facebook Marketing

Facebook-Marketing-Tips-for-Advertising newspatrolling

Facebook is one of the most important digital marketing tools, as it is versatile, affordable and globally relevant. Anyone looking to promote their brand, product or service can utilize Facebook to get optimal results. For most brands, Facebook is an important part of their digital marketing initiatives, as it provides access to millions of users across the globe. However, not ... Read More »

How Technology Is Making You Dumb?

Technology has made our lives a lot more comfortable and easier, but some people believe that it is also making us dumb. There is a growing concern that future generations will become increasingly dependent on technology and may permanently lose some of the abilities that older generations had. To understand this better, let’s take a look at some of the ... Read More »

Why Apps Update So Often?

You updated your apps just last week, and today, your mobile phone is again harassing you to update dozens of apps. So why do apps have to update so often, you wonder. Are they even necessary? Well, there are not one, but multiple reasons as to why mobile apps need frequent updates. Here are some of the primary reasons why ... Read More »

Emotix – Company Profile

A consumer electronics startup, Emotix is focused on developing advanced, interactive systems that are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and Internet of Things (IoT). The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Mumbai. Emotix’s flagship product is Miko, which is India’s first companion robot. The Miko robot is meant for children above 5 years of age and ... Read More »

Get Optimal Results from Paid Social Media Strategy

paid social marketing newspatorlling

As more and more businesses are taking to paid social media strategies to boost their digital marketing initiatives, the question arises if these are really beneficial or just a waste of efforts and financial resources. Well, paid social strategies do have their advantages, but just like any other strategy, it is a means to an end and not necessarily an ... Read More »


How AI will redefine the closet of the future Is your wardrobe full of clothes but every time you open it, do you feel there is nothing to wear? Are you confused about which accessory to pair with that beautiful tube skirt? Need a friend or a second opinion to tell you what looks best? Welcome to the exciting new ... Read More »

Understanding the Implications of Ethernet Network in Industrial Application

Industrial Ethernet has taken over the traditional way of communication between the devices that happened through the physical layers resulting in slow and inflexible communication. However, Ethernet revolution has changed the dynamics of the factory floors through its IP based communication system. Moreover, to compensate the demand, it has created a new wave of the industry that provides switches and ... Read More »

How to Record a Screencast with Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

How to Record a Screencast with Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac newspatrolling

On many video sharing sites, you have seen people uploading videos that show a recording of their computer screen. If you also want to record your computer screen, you will need to get a screen recording software. The screen recording software lets you record every activity that happens on the computer screen. It is great for recording gameplay, software tutorial/walkthrough, ... Read More »

What is Blockchain

Blockchain can be described as an open distributed ledger containing records of economic and financial transactions. It can be programmed to record all types of transactions that have some value. One of the best things about blockchain technology is that data once entered in the blockchain database is impossible to alter or manipulate. Only new data can be added to ... Read More »

Health Technologies Everyone Should Know About

With the cost of medical care rising every year, it’s good to know that there are still some things we can do , devices and online services we can now take advantage of. The Fitbit Keeping the pounds off seems to be a perennial human obsession – and not just for women, but men too. We all know that this ... Read More »

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