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Canon India brings ‘Streaming Frames’; unique countrywide on-field professional cinematography trainings for WEB

Canon C200 Camera

Canon India, one of the leaders in the imaging space, is committed to march on with its pursuit of strengthening the imaging culture in the country. As an outreach to nurture and enhance the passion for cinematography among aspiring film makers, the organization today announced its latest inititiative ‘Streaming Frames’. A unique series of extensive on shoot training by professional ... Read More »

What is a technical analysis?


The technical analysis is a very useful tool to quickly and easily see if a share, index or commodity is interesting to buy or sell. By making a technical analysis you can compare many different stocks or other products in a very short time and get the best out of it. The graph is nothing more than a representation of ... Read More »

Top Benefits of Taxi Booking Application for drivers and customers

Life in 21st century has become very fast. The introduction of smartphones and the pool of apps available have changed the way we lead our lives now, making it simpler than before. Today we think of anything and there is an app related to it to help us. Earlier getting a cab/ taxi was a tedious job; you had to ... Read More »

6 Best Practices of Mobile App Development

app development

These days, the plight of mobile app developers is challenging. On one hand, mobile application development is a space full of opportunities with an array of new devices and technologies redefining the ways entrepreneurs do business and interact with customers. On the other hand, this landscape spikes up new development questions such as: What devices and operating systems to target? ... Read More »

Why Identity Theft is More Problematic Than Ever

kyc identity verification

KYC verification is considered the ultimate line of defense against Identity thefts but with the passage of time, identity thieves have started coming up with new ways to defraud companies and businesses in cyberspace. KYC verification providers need to outsmart these identity thieves to provide better service to their customers. But for that new technological trends needs to be integrated ... Read More »

Managed IT Companies – What Services Should You Be Looking For?

inventory software

Choosing to go with managed IT services is a great way to make sure that your IT equipment, data and functions are properly managed at all times. It also saves you money – you don’t have to hire permanent employees. The question for many small business owners is what kinds of services they should be looking for. Whatever niche you ... Read More »

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Mac


No matter how much we take care, data loss is very common. We all lose some important files that we need to recover at some point. Thanks to Mac data recovery software that are highly advanced these days, it is now possible and easy to recover your data. A few years ago, we could not even have thought of doing ... Read More »

How are Open-World Games Created?

Game Development Company

Different types of games are always entertaining this world. But, open-world games are different in every aspect. They are the next level of every game category. Open-world games give the environment, where the player can live the life of the virtual gaming character. No boundaries or restrictions you can sneak into every little place, until it was designed in the ... Read More »

Will Your Phone Get Android Pie

Android Pie has been officially launched and it offers several new features to provide for an intuitive, engaging experience for users. Android Pie has quite a bit of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) coded into it, which will significantly enhance user experience. There are various other features such as the notch, improved Google Assistant, enhanced privacy, always updated ... Read More »

Why should you Consider Sql Skills in Your Employees?

Myriad of technologies, methods and concepts are getting used in businesses and companies. Since these are rising extensively, it gets important to recruit the candidates who have a good grasp over these. As an example, Sql is a common concept that is getting used by companies. It is a declarative domain particular programming language. SQL caters a concept to access ... Read More »

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