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Thursday , 24 January 2019
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Cauvery has turned dry, insufficient rain has caused the damage in Tamil Nadu

Drought in Southern India has witnessed many dry wells. Some 70 km away from Mahbubnagar, in Chandragad village all wells have turned into dry wells; these wells are a prime and only source of water in the village.  Tamil Nadu’s Cauvery has ruined it over the many years and the huge Cauvery at present has become the source of dirty water.

Farmers are having no water. In past 140 years, this drought is the major. Here in Tamil Nadu, farmers blame Karnataka as it refused to discharge sufficient Cauvery water even after ordinal of the Apex Court.

According to the Cauvery Water Disputes Board, Karnataka must have discharged 182 billion cubic feet during June and December 2016 but even half of the number it not done, only 67.2 billion cubic feet water has discharged

The insufficient rain caused such conditions. From expected amount of rain, only 38 percent could be witnessed. Finally, it has become a super drought which has caused crop production failure. Such crop failure has also made more than 270 farmers die.

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