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CDSL and Uniken expand their collaboration with award winning REL-ID security solution

for mobile applications

Pune, October 15, 2019: CDSL, one of the two depositories operating in India, facilitating the holding of securities in electronic form and enable securities to be processed by book entry has selected Uniken’s REL-ID ‘unified defense in depth’ platform to provide security for its Easi mobile application. Easi (Electronic Access to Securities Information) allows registered Beneficial Owners (BOs) and Clearing Members (CMs) to access their demat account through the internet and check the details of their holdings and/or transactions, anytime, anywhere.

Uniken’s solution will provide the following benefits:

1)     Enhance the Endpoint security and threat detection mechanism with Intelligent Machine Learning that goes beyond simple Rootkit/Jailbroken detection to also detect malware/trojan, malicious apps, network threats, device vulnerabilities, and more.

2)     Enhance Multi-factor Authentication based on 1:1 split cryptographic keys with device fingerprinting and device binding feature for preventing credential harvesting, phishing, unauthorized device inclusion, Phone porting, SIM swap attacks, etc.

3)     Enhance the UX/CX with Omni-Channel Secure Notifications & Digitally Signed Transaction Verification (REL-IDverify) instead of relying on attack prone SMS-OTP or hard tokens in Easi website.

Speaking on the association, Bimal Gandhi, CEO, Uniken said “We are honored that CDSL has expanded their partnership with Uniken to provide their customers with the security and ease of use required when accessing their financial data. It is tremendous validation that REL-ID’s customer-first security platform delivers the frictionless, secure and scalable experience that modern customers demand.

We are pleased to expand our collaboration with Uniken on their award winning REL-ID mobile solution. We have been successfully using their 2FA solution for providing secure access to our core application for many years. We now plan to use their technology for protecting our mobile applications from threat vectors in the device, network and application space. Uniken’s unified defense in depth approach helps CDSL secure assets without compromising on user experience”, said Joydeep Dutta, ED and Group CTO.

For its pioneering products, Uniken has received various awards and recognition including Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management (2018) and Forrester Now Tech Industry Leader in Authentication Management Solutions (2018).

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