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Central Railway catering scam: Officials say the RTI reply had typos

After reports came in that a mega catering scam was exposed in Central Railways, officials have issued a clarification that it was just the result of miscommunication. The railway officials said that there were some typing errors in the RTI reply, which made the impression that food items were purchased at more than 10 times their MRP. The RTI was filed by an activist named Ajay Bose. The RTI reply he received had revealed common food items such as 100 grams of Amul curd being purchased at Rs 972 per unit. Other items such as refined oil, dal, etc., were also shown to be purchased at prices much higher than their actual market price. Cold drinks and water bottles were listed to be purchased at 20-30 times their actual price. All these prompted Bose to believe that a mega catering scam was underway at the Central Railways.

However, the railways have issued a clarification, pointing out to the typos. The railways have also suspended three inspectors who had provided wrong information in the RTI reply. The railways provided the example of Amul 100 gram curd cups, wherein 15,336 cartons with 108 curd cups each were purchased for around Rs 14 crore. However, the RTI reply only factored in the 15,336 cartons, which led to the impression that they were purchased at more than 10 times their MRP. Similar mistakes were made in the description of other food items in the RTI reply, the railways said.

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