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Central Railway Hands Over Matunga Railway Station To All Women Staffers

Whenever you visit Mumbai’s Matunga railway station next time, you will find the station is operated by an all-women staff.

The Central Railway authorities have decided to hand over the reins of Matunga station to women staffers.

Matunga station is thronged by a lot of students due to its proximity to the colleges.

DK Sharma, General Manager, Central Railway is the man behind this noble initiative of empowering women.

“Some of our passenger reservation centres and even ticketing systems for suburban trains are entirely handled excellently by women, so it was decided that an entire station should be handed over to them”, he says.

If everything works well, Sharma will chalk out a plan to deploy all-women crew at other stations.

Matunga will be the first station in Mumbai, to be run by an all-women staff.



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