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Centre reveals about uniform age for senior citizen across the segments

On Wednesday, Centre government revealed its plan in the Apex Court to swap a national rule on older persons with the novel rule that will retain the age uniform across segments for persons to be calculated as senior citizens to get concession and welfares as per the government’s social welfare schemes.

In different area and segment, the criteria of considering a person as a senior citizen are dissimilar, which is puzzling for many.

Currently, according to the insurance segment persons over 65 years as senior citizens, in the railways’ concession on tickets given to men who are above 60 years and women above 58 years.

In the income, tax concessions are given persons above 60 years and 80 years at a dissimilar rate.

Pension slab for above 60 years person is Rs.200 while in the case above 80 years, the pension is Rs.500.

Former law Minister Ashwani Kumar had raised petition on the issue, for which in response, the government revealed its plan on the senior citizen criteria.

Helpage India, NGO, demanded the court to instruct the Centre government to surge the monthly pension for old age from Rs200 to Rs2, 000.

Seeing the dearness, the cost of living which has increased vertically does not allow old age person to easily have comfort life with such low Rs.200 pension.

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