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New Delhi, 2nd May 2015

THE SHIFT SERIES today organized an interactive session for lifelong learners ‘CHALLENGING CHALLENGES’. Promoted by three mettlesome women – Award winning author Anjali Raghbeer, Electrik Chakra designer Priyanjali Goel and trustee of tGELF Foundation Urvashi Khemka, THE SHIFT SERIES is a catalyst for people to transcend personal and social barriers, creating opportunities that inspires passion, encourage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking through conferences, learning experiences, on-line workshops and digital media. Bombaebs-Pankhuri with Upekha

The participants EXPERIENCED, EXPLORED and ENGAGED with an eclectic mix of speakers who inspired them to break boundaries with innovative ideas.

The talks were interspersed with a cutting edge performance by female rap duo BomBaebs, who rapped against rape making us sit up in our seats and pay heed to India’s worst crime, ‘rape’.

The topics ranged from inspirational true-life experiences and the work the speakers have done to bring in change. Ameen Haque, the founder of ‘Storywallahs’ narrated a story about ‘Challenging Challenges’ in the traditional ‘Dastangoi” style. Sindhu Vee, a standup comedian from London shared her challenges while growing up in a typical South Indian family of being “over dark” and “over tall”. RJ Naved, Radio Mirchi’s entertaining RJ interacted with the audience as he sent home the message of breaking down stereotypes that divide communities. Jesh Krishna Murthy, the animation expert engaged the audience visually, emotionally and intellectually with his animated stories. Ritu Dalmia, spoke about what it took to break out from being a conservative Marwari girl to becoming a celebrity chef. Ravi Kalra, shared his journey of how he rescues homeless people from the road – literally! Neha Sethi, shared her story about following her passion and making the switch from Banker to Baker. Sudeep Narayan of Volvo, shared the dangers of rash and drunk driving and gave us a peek into the future of mobility. Sarita Devi, narrated a firsthand account of her humiliation when she threw away her bronze medal, only to face further rejection and humiliation back home. Dhruv Shringi, the highly successful CEO of spoke about the yatra’s of online companies and in particular his own. Niren Chaudhary lost his 18-year-old daughter Aisha Chaudhary earlier this year to Pulmonary Fibrosis. He took five epiphanies from Aisha’s book, ‘My Little Epiphanies’ and celebrated her spirit in his talk. Artist Chintan Upadhyay represented by Gallery Gallerie espace did the site specific installation highlighting the immigrants and the working class.

Ritu Dalmia, Ameen Haque with Jesh Krishna Murthy

L-R, Gaurav Goel , Vandana Munjal with Naveen Munjal

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