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Chennai bus conductor plants 38,000 trees

A bus conductor from the city,who has planted more than 38,000 trees. 

Yoganathan has been working for the Tamilnadu State Road Transport Corporation for the past 18years.

He has found mention in the CBSE Class V GK textbook as a green crusader.

“He is a bus conductor from Tamil Nadu, who has single-handedly planted more than 38,000 trees in 28 years. He has made commendable efforts to save wildlife and spreading awareness about conservation among youth,” the book says.

He has been planting saplings past 32 years.

He said “I am a native of Mayiladuthurai near Nagapattinam. I was amazed by the beauty of the Nilgiris where I worked as a sales representative after finishing school. After witnessing trees being smuggled out, I had even staged a protest against it. Such events ignited the spark in me to work on conserving the environment,”

He was supported by Tamilnadu Green Movements Jayachandran.

Yoganathan got job in TNSTC as a conductor and moved to Coimbatore.

He says , Planting Trees and saving wildlife is his passion.

Yoganathan says , “I participate in conferences and guest lectures in universities and colleges to engage students about conservation of the environment. I was recently invited to a local arts and science college where I delivered the guest lecture”.


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