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Friday , 22 March 2019
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Chief Minister E. Palaniswami To Prove Majority in Assembly today, Uproar in assembly

Today Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Palaniswami has to demonstrate the majority of his administration. He sworn as Chief Minister on 16th February, was allotted 15 days to prove his majority by Governor C Vidyasagar Rao.


As of now Tamil Nadu Assembly is adjourned till 1 pm after DMK MLAs resorted to viciousness on trust vote. The representatives’ twisted in to violent mode and also smashed chairs and tables, in the chaos speaker suspended the assembly house and left from there.  Due to enormous uproar and disorder, the assembly was suspended in between.

Subramanian Swamy quoted that DMK is a ferocious party and in any manner Ms. Sasikala is much better compare to DMK party. Some of DMK MLAs tries to climb Speaker’s table One MLA of DMK Selvam be seated on the Speaker’s chair.

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