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Child drug abuse: Sale of whiteners, nail paint removers to minors banned in NCR

Increasing menace of drug and substance abuse among children in the NCR region the Juvenile Justice Board has banned the sale of correction fluids/ whiteners, thinners/diluters and vulcanised solutions/sulochans to children below the age of 18 years unless the child is accompanied by parents/guardian, or has a letter from the school authorities to purchase of the same.

The government of Delhi has been asked to issue a notification to this effect.

The board was hearing the case of a child who has been a victim of substance abuse and has been consuming thinners and whiteners.

Expressing it’s anguish over the increasing cases of substance abuse, the Board said, ” We cannot be a mere witness to this systematic ruination of an entire generation that is gradually succumbing to the grip of drugs.”

The Juvenile Justice Board has further asked the Directorate of Health in Delhi to work out a plan to open more de-addiction centres as there is a severe crunch at this moment.

In September 2016, around 19,320 to 27,090 street children were afflicted by this malaise. 

Eleven percent of the affected, use inhalants such as whiteners and thinners.

The Board has further asked the government to boost the number of rehabilitation centres as currently there are only two rehab centers in Delhi with a capacity of 50 each.

These centres are housing far more children than their permitted capacity.


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