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Chile clears abortion plan

Chile Government has finally announced that they have legalised abortion which has created a great sense of relief among the supporters of this cause. However the rule is applicable only if the victim has been raped leading to pregnancy or the birth of the baby would be a threat to mother’s life due to complications or the baby may born with deadly birth defects.

The Socialist President Michelle Bachelet hailed the decision announced by the Chile’s Constitutional Court as a victory for women’s rights. After 4 out of 6 judges signed in favour of the resolution, supporters who were gathered outside the court shouted slogans thanking the President mentioning “They are banding together against the life of the just and condemning the blood of the innocent.”

The bill can now be signed into law by the socialist president, who launched the reform in 2015.

“The women of Chile have won back the basic right to decide for ourselves in extreme cases, particularly cases that can be very painful, Today it is women who are the winners. I believe that today democracy once again has won, and Chile has won.” said President Bachlet.

The current law which would hand over a sentence of upto 5 years of imprisonment needs to be amended accordingly. 

The reproductive rights group MILES hailed Monday’s decision as “historic.”

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