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China approves 9 rejected Trump Trademarks

Chinese Government in a bizzare move has approved nine Trump trademarks which it has rejected earlier drawing criticism from across the various sections for giving up to the Trump’s administration and pressure giving special treatment to the family’s business.

Trump who is already been accused of accepting gifts from foreign governments being in the capacity for President of United States has also drawn irk for his decision to retain ownership of his global branding empire.

There is no clear records that are available to the public mentioning as to why these trademarks were rejected earlier and what and who made them to accept it few weeks later sparking a row that it might have happened due to some power lobbying. 

China’s Trademark office did not issue any official statement regarding the speculations. If there is no one who would be objecting to these provisions and approvals, the Trademark will be registered in 90 days post which the Chinese version of Trump trademark which includes beauty salon services, socks, human resources consulting and advertising would start its business in China. 

An official record shows that some 39 trademarks were given approvals in the past few weeks ever since Trump took over the Presidential Office which includes branded spa and massage services, golf clubs, hotels, insurance, finance and real estate companies, restaurants, bars among others.

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