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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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China continues its ‘toilet revolution’, using technology

Beijing is now fed up with the pilferage of toilet paper from public bathrooms.

China’s capital’s tourist authority have begun using facial recognition technology to limit how much paper can be taken by a person. The unusual move which is part of a “toilet revolution” is another step in China’s vast upgrading of public facilities.

Campaign’s special focus is on the Bathrooms at tourists ites,notorious for their primitive conditions and nasty odors.A response to vast expansion in domestic travel and demands for better-quality facilities from a more affluent public.

In China, people are highly enthusiastic about tourism and we have entered a new era of public tourism stated Zhan Dongmei- a researcher with the China Tourism  Academy. He also said that the expectation of the public for toilets are getting higher day by day.

Launched 2 years ago , the revolution calls for at least 34000 new public bathrooms to be contruted in China’s Beijing ans 23000 will be renovated by the end of this year. The authorities are encouraging  the installation of Western- Style sit down commodes. Arounf 25 Billion yuan has already been spent on the program according to the National Tourism Administration.

As per Zhan – there should be sufficient amount of toilets wch are clean and odorless and free to use. 90 percent of the toilet revolution has been competed. Lot of investment have been made to build toilets and they turn out to be unsanitary and poorly managed and it can’t be accepted.


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