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Sunday , 20 January 2019
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China increases troops near Doklam; unwilling to compromise

The standoff between Indian and Chinese troops at Doklam has entered the seventh week, and still there is no solution in sight. The standoff started when Indian troops stopped China from building a road in the area. Bhutan had said that the area where the road was being built was its own and China was doing it without permission. This prompted India to move its troops to Doklam and stop the road construction work. However, China was not happy since it claims that the area is their own. Latest reports indicate that China has increased its troops in the region. There are an estimated 800 Chinese troops in the region, with around 300 soldiers deployed at the disputed site facing Indian soldiers. The total number of Indian soldiers deployed in the region is around 350. Both troops have set up their tents and keeping a close vigil on the movements and activities of each other.

Meanwhile, a Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) analyst said that India is taking a great risk and it’s highly unlikely that China would compromise. The analyst said that it was China’s goodwill that it has tagged India’s action as ‘trespass’ and not treated it as ‘invasion’. The analyst said that as of now, both the Chinese government and the PLA don’t have the option of compromise. He said that it would be helpful for the people of both countries if India withdraws from Doklam without any conditions.

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