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China launches its largest destroyer; dwarfs Indian warships

Newspatrolling: In yet another show of its growing military might, China today launched its biggest and most powerful naval destroyer. The Type 055 naval destroyer launched today by China is among the biggest warships in the world. What is even more significant is that China will be building 4 of these destroyers to strengthen its naval capabilities. Experts said that China will need this enhanced naval capabilities, as it seeks to dominate world economy and world politics. The Type 055 warship will weigh 12,000 tons when fully armed.

With this launch of its largest warship, it has also dwarfed India’s warship program. India’s most recent project to launch “Visakhapatnam” class destroyers is yet to take final shape. India’s top warships carry around 50 surface-to-air, anti-ship and land attack missiles, but China’s latest warship can carry as many as 120 missiles. This makes it one of the most powerful warships in the world. The Chinese warship is also armed with advanced radar systems that will allow it to find and destroy its targets with grater accuracy. From India’s perspective, this is a worrying development. India will have to spruce up its naval capabilities to take on China’s growing military might.

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