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Friday , 19 July 2019
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China opens Cinema Theatre in disputed South China Sea

Amidst disputes over the alleged ownership over South China Sea, China has opened a modern cinema theatre on Yongxing Island to establish authority over the area.

“The cinema will show at least one film every day, so residents and soldiers on Yongxing Island can enjoy films simultaneously with moviegoers across the country,” said Gu Xiaojing,GM of Hainan Media Group.

China has been doing all that it could to ensure that the area belonged to them. They had not only built airstrips but also some artificial islands across the area reinforcing the total control setting aside th claims raised by other nations like Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.

 Over 200 residents and soldiers watched the Chinese movie ‘The Eternity of Jiao Yulu’ yesterday at the Sansha Yinlong Cinema, located in Sansha municipality which is the China’s newest city in the South China Sea. The City had also opened its first public library in April 2016. Sansha Municipality was set up in 2012 and they also have a stadium in the island where lot of activities had taken place.
The theatre which was opened is equipped with advanced projection equipment,that includes the latest 4K digital projectors and also a 3D perforated screen for viewers to indulge in the pleasure of big screen. The Company is also said to have purchased two mobile projection units which will be used to screen films for free on more islands within the municipality.
Guess China is defying all the rules that is reigning at the present moment across the globe, the most important of which are GST and Entertainment Tax.

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