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Sunday , 21 July 2019
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China opposes new US sanctions against North Korea

Beijing, July 26 (IANS) China on Wednesday opposed a new round of unilateral sanctions that the US has imposed against North Korea.

Such sanctions were not conducive to mutual trust and cooperation between China and the US, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said at a press briefing.

“China is always opposed to unilateral sanctions outside the framework of the UNSC and especially opposed to long-arm jurisdiction imposed by other countries on China’s enterprises and individuals,” Kang said.

The new sanctions could affect companies from third countries, which trade with North Korea, and especially China, the main trading partner of the isolated regime of Kim Jong-un.

Lu added China has always strictly implemented UN resolutions related to North Korea and will investigate suspected violations of sanctions by Chinese enterprises or individuals according to its own domestic law.

The US House of Representatives, with Republican majority, had approved new sanctions against North Korea, Iran and Russia on Tuesday. The House also limited the Donald Trump government’s power to lift sanctions, amid the President’s intentions to relax US policy towards Russia.

The sanctions come at a time when the international community fears North Korea is preparing for new ballistic missile tests.

“We firmly oppose any words and deeds that may heighten the tension,” Lu said.

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