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China taking over territory gradually : Army chief Bipin Rawat

China is gradually taking over territory and testing India’s threshold, army chief General Bipin Rawat said on Wednesday. China and India agreed on mutual consent to call off their troops from the troubled Doklam area just less than a week back.
The Doklam border area stand off existed for 73 days where both the countries placed their troops near the troubled area closer to Sikkim and refused to withdraw but thanks to diplomatic effort, it was done without causing any embarrassment to each other. Initially there were signs of little rift with soldiers throwing stones at each other.
Referring to China, Rawat said it had started flexing muscles to prove that it is the big power in Asia and Pakistan which is being supported by China would take advantage of the situation developing along the northern border. He referred to China and Pakistan as Indias northern and western adversaries, and said the country needs to be prepared for a two-front war. 
As far as the northern adversary is concerned, flexing of muscles has startedsalami slicing, taking over territory in a very gradual manner, testing our limits of threshold is something we have to be wary about and remain prepared for situations which could gradually emerge into conflict, Rawat said.
The Army General was attending a seminar organised by defence think-tank Centre for Land Warfare Studies.
Salami slicing refers to a string of small, clandestine operations meant to achieve a larger goal that would be difficult to accomplish in one go. Armies of various nations has deployed this tactics to their advantage from time to time.

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