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China talks about India’s NSG bid

China on Monday said that the India’s bid to NSG may not have its backing since it termed the attempt as a complicated one under the new circumstances and said that non-discriminatory solution applicable to all non-NPT signatory countries.

“About the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) it is a new issue under the new circumstances and it is more complicated than previously imagined,” China’s Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Li Huilai said. He also added “China supports the NSG to have consultation for reaching non-discriminatory and universally applicable solution, applicable to all members of the NSG.”

“China and India are important neighbours and both are fast developing, both are emerging new market economies. Both are important forces upholding peace and stability,” he said further.

China has not openly supported for Pakistan’s bid to become a member of the 48 nation NSG.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who recently met with the Chinese President Xi have agreed to work closer on issues that would bring them together, Li said.

The most expected SCO meeting which comprises of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan acts as China-dominated security group focussing on Central Asia is expected to happen soon where Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sheriff is also expected to attend.

India and Pakistan till now had the status of observers along with Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia in the group.

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