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China talks tough to thousands of pro-democracy supporters in Hong Kong

Even as thousands of pro-democracy supporters gathered on the streets demanding a democratic system for Honk Kong, the Chinese government issued a stern warning to protestors, saying that such protests are anti-national and will be dealt with strongly. The strong words were used by Chinese President Xi Jinping when he was speaking during the swearing in ceremony of the new Hong Kong government. The day marked the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China from British rule.

“Any attempt to endanger China’s sovereignty and security, challenge the power of the central government … or use Hong Kong to carry out infiltration and sabotage activities against the mainland is an act that crosses the red line and is absolutely impermissible,” Xi said. Experts said that the statements given by Xi are the strongest yet and it shows that China is getting increasingly annoyed with pro-democracy supporters in Hong Kong. During the protest, several pro-democracy activists were roughed up by police and some were even detained and bundled into police vans. “This protest is the most urgent in the past 20 years,” said lawmaker Eddie Chu.

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