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China to increase defence expenditure, will make it above1 Trillion Yuan

China planned to increase its defence budget in the coming year and that will see hike of 7 per cent which will cross 1 trillion yuan on defence expenditure for first time in China. This is more than India’s expenditure in defence by three-and-a-half fold.

The budget is to be accepted at the NPC or China’s Parliament session, China plans forward a huge Innovative platform and to give its Navy a global foot mark.


NPC’s spokesperson Fu Ying said that China spends 1.3 per cent of its GDP on defence and this is less than many countries in the world.

As per the analysts hike is made to fund the PLA Navy’s plans. In previous month, China declared that China’s second aircraft carrier is on and will be operational by year 2020.

Senior researcher at the PLA Navy Equipment Research Center, Yin Zhuo said that in direction to protect China’s territories and foreign interests, China would require two transporter strike clusters in the West Pacific Ocean and two in the Indian Ocean therefore China need some five to six aircraft transporters at least.

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