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China to increase marines to 1 lakh in Indo-Pak Sea

Aiming to augment its military presence in the high seas, especially in the seas that border India and Pakistan, China has planned to increase its marine force to 1 lakh. China’s existing marine force is just around 20,000. With the increased number of marines, China will be able to augment its military support to key installations such as the strategic Gwadar port in Pakistan and military logistics base in Djibouti in the Indian Ocean. The increased bilateral relations between Pakistan and China have always been a cause of worry for India, and now with China planning to increase its marine forces, it may create additional distress.

China’s expansion of its naval capabilities, both in terms of the number of warships and marines, is being done to protect the country’s maritime lifelines and its growing interests globally. Experts say that China has come to realize that in order to become a dominant world power, it has to master the high seas. Throughout history, the country that has ruled the seas has ruled the world. Currently, the US is a dominant power at the seas, but with China consistently upgrading its naval capabilities, it has already become a force to reckon with. The decision by China may prompt India to augment its naval capabilities as well.

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