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China tweaks Taiwan’s name

China is again in the news. Recently it renamed 6 places of Arunachal Pradesh and now it has called Taiwan with a different name. China has never approved Taiwan as a country and has always insisted that it is a part of its territory.

China Central Television addressed Taiwan as “Zhongguo Taipei” instead of “Zhonghua Taipei” which raised objection from its counterpart since it did not go down well with Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Katherine Chang where she said that her “government” would not accept this “unilateral act of dwarfing”.

Zhongguo and Zhonghua both mean China, but Zhonghua refers to a general concept of a Chinese nation, while Zhongguo refers to the People’s Republic of China.

China dismissed accusations that the mainland has “dwarfed” Taiwan by changing how the island is addressed on mainstream media, the report said.

The Chinese mainland’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang defended the move, saying that the mainland media has always reported on Taiwan-related events according to the One-China policy which China has always been specific and always quoted it in the international arena, and that the so-called “act of dwarfing” does not exist.

China has come out with “historic” Chinese names to stamp its claims for the South China Sea islands and the disputed islands with Japan to establish its claims.

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