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China was secretly making Pakistan a nuclear power: CIA

The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), through its recently declassified files, has revealed that China has been secretly helping Pakistan to become a nuclear power. The files reveal that transfer of nuclear technology and materials from China to Pakistan has been taking place since many decades. It has also been revealed that China had risked its own nuclear cooperation with the United States to provide the nuclear resources to its ‘all weather friend’ Pakistan.


One crucial aspect revealed in the declassified CIA files is that after signing a nuclear agreement with Pakistan, China had not asked Pakistan to make available its nuclear facilities for inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The agreement was for civilian use, focusing on non-military nuclear technology, radio-isotopes, medical research and civilian power technology. Experts say that this agreement could have been used by China as a smokescreen, so that it would not get into trouble with IAEA. It may have allowed China to clandestinely supply destructive nuclear technology to Pakistan.

In 1983, the CIA had informed a US congressional committee that China and Pakistan were discussing the manufacturing of nuclear weapons. At that time, the US suspected that China not only supplied the design of the nuclear bomb, but also provided the necessary material to Pakistan.

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