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Thursday , 20 June 2019
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China’s GDP at 6.5%

The Chinese Government has set the target of their nation’s GDP this year to 6.5%

China which is the second largest economy has been witnessing troubles in the international arena which is uncertain and not responsive of chinese products.

The GDP Prediction is one of the least in the last 30 years which has seen a tremendous growth for China year after year.

Even though the bilateral trade between China and US is in favour of China with US exceeding the imports by USD14 Billion, it has already asked China for a balance of trade.

Industry analysts warn that the booking real estate price in China is a fake phenomenon and the bubble may burst anytime bringing more woes to the communist nation. China also faces another major hurdle. It’s total debts/borrowing now stands at 250% of its GDP and it is not a small amount since it is the World’s 2nd Largest Economy.

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