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Chinese media reveals China’s larger game plan

As India digs its heels in Doklam, the Chinese government is getting increasingly perturbed. It cannot afford to launch a full scale war against India since it would present it as an aggressive state among the international audience. Also, China exports voluminous amount of goods to India, which makes it difficult for China to attack India. Such exports would suffer if China attacks India. Keeping these things in mind, China is thinking about an alternative strategy to confront India. And that strategy has just been revealed by Chinese media. The target, as described by the Chinese media, is Kashmir, where the Chinese media says that China can enter if Pakistan invites it. Security experts in India have already been expressing their concerns about this possibility and now it has been revealed by the Chinese media.

The Chinese media describes the Doklam situation, where it claims that India is working on the invitation of Bhutan. It then says that the same can happen to India if China enters Kashmir on Pakistan’s request. The article published in Chinese media says that India has entered the Chinese border and the same can happen to it in Kashmir. The article also warns India by reminding of the 1962 war. Even the article’s title is so blatantly undiplomatic. The title reads, “Time for a second lesson for forgetful India.” The article also accuses India of supporting Dalai Lama and using him as a pawn to belittle China. “Underneath the Dalai Lama’s façade of peace, there lies a trace of violence at least half a century old. Immediately after he fled to India in 1959, the Dalai Lama became the CIA’s henchman in engaging in a terrorist guerrilla war on China,” the article reads.

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