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Thursday , 23 May 2019
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Chinese Media says India should focus on fiscal development, instead aircraft development

Chinese media has remarked on India’s snowballing emphasis on defensive cavalries. The state-run media Global times said that the India should emphasis on economic development rather than the development of aircraft.

Yesterday China celebrated the 68th anniversary of its navy establishment.  Three Chinese marine ships left in the morning for a welcoming visit to more than 25 nations in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Accordingly to a report in view of the expansion of distant trade, the Chinese navy has the mission to defend the country’s overseas benefits.

Military expert Song Zhongping said it is a great achievement that navy built Liaoning aircraft carrier from an unfilled body of the former Soviet vessel.

Global times said China is world’s second-largest economy and able to build a strong navy to defense the security of strategic sea channels. China’s building of its first airplane carrier resulted in sound economic development.

Media house mentioned in its print that New Delhi is perhaps too impatient to develop an aircraft carrier. The country is still in its initial stage of industrialization, and there will be many technical obstacles that stand in the way of a build-up of aircraft carriers.

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