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Clothes of these colors makes you happy. Its proven!

We all have color preferences when it comes to clothing, and wearing stuff that we like indeed makes us happy. But then there is more to it. There is a vasty science behind colors and emotions. Our mood, hunger, creativity, and various other emotions gets affected by colors,  these are very well used by many companies in their marketing strategy to attract more customers and increase sales. 

By choosing dull shades, such as, very blue, white black, etc. instead of a brighter wardrobe, we could be missing out on the health benefits implicit in colour. As per science, when we look at certain colours it triggers neurological responses in the brain, and causes the hypothalamus gland to release hormones. While Looking at warm, bright colours, such as red or pink, releases dopamine — known as the “feel-good hormone” — which can improve our mood, heighten the attention span and even boost our sex drive.

– Bright red also triggers the pituitary and adrenal glands, which can lead to increased metabolism and weight loss, so it’s great for a dieter
– It’s proven that, if you suffer from stress, wearing blue can help as it stimulates the release of the calming hormone oxytocin.
– Purple is a calming colour — its pacifying effect makes it one of the best shades to wear when feeling overwrought.
– Research has found that we associate yellow with joy, so wearing it can boost your mood.

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