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CloudSek ties up with GO-JEK for cyber-security solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-based cyber-security enterprise CloudSek has tied up with GO-JEK, Indonesia’s premier transportation on-demand, logistics and payment enterprise for a multi-year deal. GO-JEK has selected CloudSek’s Next Generation cyber-security platforms x-vigil and cloudmo.

CloudSek Co-Founder Rahul Sasi says the deal is a vindication of CloudSek’s vision and belief in AI/ML as a sustainable solution for customer facing, data-intense enterprises’ next level cyber-security needs. The platforms deployed at GO-JEK will help prevent and monitor cyber threats on a real-time basis, providing tremendous value to its stakeholders.

Rahul Sasi, Co-Founder, CloudSek

                                    Rahul Sasi, Co-Founder, CloudSek

“Initial trials done on CloudSek’s platform proved very insightful. It is next to impossible to monitor everything out there, but we have a high degree of confidence in what CloudSek’s platform can help us monitor. It’s our early warning system,” says Sheran Gunasekera, Group Chief Information Security Officer for GO-JEK.

The cyber security market which was valued at $75 billion in 2015 is estimated to grow to $170 billion by 2020 and CloudSek is one of the pioneers in deploying AI as a solution. With the rise in cloud-based technology and services, information is no longer stored in one’s own infrastructure. It is spread across cloud storages, infrastructure managed by third-party vendors and others. Any security breaches with cloud services or a third-party vendor indirectly compromises one’s data. This is primarily what CloudSek’s AI technology monitors.

“To give an example, a huge number of hacked infrastructure info is available on the dark web because of third party data leaks. Our AI technology automatically monitors these and matches them against our customers’ infrastructure to proactively identify security risks,” explains Rahul.

CloudSek’s proprietary AI /ML-based platforms are being used across numerous industry segments ranging from FMCG and video conferencing to BFSI (Banking, Financial services and Insurance).

About CloudSek:

CloudSek was established in November 2015 by Mohan Menon and Rahul Sasi. The company has developed a cutting-edge Next Generation cyber-security product based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Unlike traditional cyber-security players, CloudSek offers real-time information to prevent and monitor cyber threats through its unique SAAS platform, thereby significantly improving the monitoring levels and reducing costs for its customers. The company is rapidly deploying its products with clients in India, US, Europe and South-East Asia.

Team CloudSek

                                                                                          Team CloudSek

About GO-JEK:

GO-JEK is the largest consumer technology company in Indonesia, the world’s 4th largest market by population. With more than 20 million downloads, the GO-JEK app has become the leading transport, courier and hyper-local shopping app in the country. GO-JEK’s fleet now exceeds 200,000 drivers and includes motorcycles, cars and trucks. People in 25 cities in Indonesia can now hail a ride via GO-JEK and in August 2016, the company received a funding of more than $550 million from KKR & Co. and Warburg Pincus LLC, making it the first ‘Unicornin Indonesia. 

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