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Clue in the missing Chinese student investigation

Chinese visiting scholar Yingying Zhang disappeared on June 9, the last known sighting of 26-year-old graduate student Yingying Zhang was on the afternoon that day.

On Tuesday the FBI announced it had found the car a Saturn. The whereabouts of Zhang, however still remain a mystery. 

The authorities have not disclose the information about the car. The details of the car where it was or to whom the vehicle belongs is still not revealed.

Almost more than 300,000 Chinese students and scholars are attending US universities and disappearance of Yingying Zhang has triggered widespread concern in China, with discussion of the case dominating both social and traditional media.

FBI may use different terminology to categorize its investigations, and kidnapping is one possibility of many that the agency is pursuing.

There is a security video that was release from the B-4 parking garage on North Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, just after 2 p.m. Friday, Ms. Zhang is seen standing on the east side of Goodwin Avenue as a black Saturn Astra (unknown year) pulls up beside her. She and the driver speak for some time before she enters the vehicle, which then continues north on Goodwin Avenue.

Zhang can be seen standing by a tree as a black Saturn Astra pulls up next to her. She had a brief conversation with the driver before entering the vehicle.

Zhang’s father, Zhang Ronggao, traveled from Nanping, China to help the investigation.

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