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CM Shivraj Chouhan to sit on fast till ‘Peace is restored ‘

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan will begin fast from Saturday for peace and possible talks with farmers demanding loan waivers and better prices for their produce.

Chouhan made the announcement at a hurriedly called and brief press conference on Friday, after five farmers were killed in Mandsaur.

The agitation spreads to several districts putting the BJP under pressure.

“From Saturday , I will not sit at the Mantralaya or CM’s house. I have decided to start my fast for peace in the state” says Chouhan 

He will hold the fast at Dussehra ground and discuss with farmers on their issues and demands.

“There will be no compromise on the security aspect. Such elements who are trying to create  disturbances and chaos will be dealt sternly ” he added.

The CM said past eleven and half years he is focusing more on development and welfare of the people especially farmers. 


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