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Coast to Coast Events lands another billion-dollar Client – breaking into a new division!

Earlier this year, Coast to Coast Events, a growing promotional marketing and advertising firm headquartered in Hoover, AL, announced the launched of their new campaign breaking them into the mobility industry. Since taking on these new clients, Coast to Coast Events has seen extreme growth both locally and regionally for their organization. Within the first month of their launch, some branches showed the mobility clients a sales increase of over 300%! On the heels of such drastic success, one can’t be surprised by Coast to Coast Events announcing yet another break-through into a new industry.

This month Coast to Coast Events is introducing their team and customers to their newest client, the Number One most Important Private Company, as ranked by in 2016. Adding yet another billion-dollar client to their already impressive client base. This expansion is huge for the marketing firm as they continue to achieve their 2018 goals through Quarter four! The initial launch will be spearheaded by the Coast to Coast Events’ Chattanooga location, and continue to roll out throughout their other locations from there. Working with their new client adds yet another industry, transportation, to the firm’s growing list. With nearly a decade of experience under their belt, Coast to Coast Events has proven to be experts in handling their clients’ needs. It was only a matter of time before the team added yet another billion-dollar client to their repertoire, tapping into the technology and ride-sharing space!

Coast to Coast Events’ clients aren’t the only companies jumping on the opportunity to outsource their marketing teams. According to Forbes, 54% of small business are outsourcing a large portion of their marketing, while 14% of small business are also outsourcing the advertising and public relations. Following this study, Forbes was able to determine that business that handled marketing themselves are “the least satisfied with their results.” (See full article here) With outsourcing on the rise nationally, it is easy to see the many benefits to growing companies, both large and small. Hiring a team who specializes in specific talents helps eliminate many struggles and costs associated with advertising and marketing. 

Erik Huberman, one of Forbes 30 under 30, spoke to Forbes about some of the benefits of outsourcing marketing. According the that interview, Huberman said, “The benefits are endless. The alternative, trying to hire an entire team in-house, can be very expensive and usually doesn’t land you the same level of expertise and experience.”[1] The experience you can add to your team is just one of the many perks of outsourcing. Hiring companies like Coast to Coast Events to handle certain aspects of business that they specialize in, such as advertising and marketing, helps save corporations time on hiring and training, costs of having an internal team, as well as giving these companies access to the expertise of the experts in their field. 

This growing practice has led to huge success for companies like Coast to Coast Events, who specialize in handling their clients’ promotions and products on a local level. “It is a great set up for everyone involved,” Lowery, President of Coast to Coast told us. “Our clients are able to entrust our team to handle their local promotional events and marketing, and their customers benefit from having a local expert they can work with face to face, instead of being rerouted on the phone or dealing with automated answering services.” 

We’re excited to see the growing success of Coast to Coast Events and look forward to seeing the results they are able to provide for their new ride-sharing, technology client in 2019!

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