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Colombia boat tragedy kills 6

In a tragic incident, a tourist boat packed with about 160 passengers for the holiday weekend capsized Sunday on a reservoir near the Colombian city of Medellin, leaving at least six people dead and 31 missing.

Colombian officials originally said nine people had died, but later lowered the figure to six. Around 122 of the 170 or so people on board have been rescued.

Police commander Jorge Nieto said that authorities were still in the process of identifying the victims. The majority of passengers were believed to have been Colombian. 

Video on social media shows the multi-tiered tour boat tilt from one side to the other before the lower deck submerges.

The air force sent a helicopter to the Guatape reservoir near Medellin, the country’s second biggest city, in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, while the local mayor said firefighters and scuba divers were heading to the town.

The President in his statement said, based on information provided to him, the boat wasn’t overcrowded. Also in his tweet he said, “Faced with emergency in Guatape the air force and relief agencies are taking care of the situation.

The official said rescued people were being sent to the local hospital in Guatape.

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