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Colombian President Santos grants Farc members amnesty


Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has signed the third and the final amnesty decree. This would ensure 3,600 Farc Rebels getting the amnesty making the total to go up to 7,000 members.

The rebels handed all its 7,000 registered weapons to the United Nations mission in Colombia by completing the disarmament process. The rebel group was founded in 1964 to defend the rights of landless peasants believed in Marxism. The catch for the amnesty is that only those Farc rebels who did not commit serious crimes were given reprieve and would be integrated into normal civilian life.

After United Nations Security Council voted to set up a new mission in the country, which from September will oversee the implementation of the peace deal, this move by the President and the move bring to an end of the conflict which has existed for 5 decades resulting in lot of casualties. 

By giving up armaments, the Farc is soon to be emerged as a political party. While the negotiations for this peace deal took place in Cuba for four years, another rebel group National Liberation Army or ELN is also in peace talks with the Government which is taking place in Ecuador. 

Mr Santos won last year’s Nobel Peace Prize for his peace efforts.

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